Aaron's Answers: Who will be the third quarterback?

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Throughout the offseason, I’ll be answering reader questions in a weekly mailbag here at PackersNews.com. If you’d like to submit a question in the future, just email me atanagler@gannett.com.

With the Packers heading off into their summer break, the mailbag column will be taking a break as well. But I still had a few questions in the ol’ Inbox, so let’s get to it and then head off into the summer.

From Adam Smith:

My question revolves around the third-string QB behind Brett Hundley. If neither Taysom Hill nor Joe Callahan separates themselves from each other, would you envision keeping both on the practice squad with the possibility of Hundley being traded next year? Next year's QB class is supposedly deep so they may opt to take a flyer and use a draft pick next year on a QB. I would welcome your feedback on this scenario. Thank you.


Aaron’s Answer:

It’s always dangerous to play the “next year's draft class” game, because so much can change between now and then, both on the Packers’ roster and within the college draft class. Guys who are highly touted now can have rough years, and suddenly the class isn’t as “highly touted.”

But to your main point, Taysom Hill has a steep, um, hill to climb. If minicamp showed anything it's that Joe Callahan has a pretty firm grasp of the offense. While Hill has looked good throwing the football, he also has a long way to go with the playbook. The regular rookie ups and downs were on display throughout minicamp and you can expect to see more of them once training camp opens up.

I tend to think Callahan will be the one to end up on the practice squad, but you never know. Lots of things can come into play between now and cut-down day. If Hill can, say, make the jump that Brett Hundley made his rookie camp, he could make things interesting.

From Sandy Patt:

I just noticed #90 Montravius Adams is still listed unsigned on the Packers website. Can he go through training camp unsigned ? I'm guessing it’s because of offset language as the price is set by the CBA. Or could it be signing bonus holding it up? Does he have to sign before preseason games?

Aaron’s Answer:

It's hard to say what the hold-up is, but you’re right that Adams is the lone remaining rookie draft choice who has yet to sign a contract.

There could be any number of reasons, but as you state, the new collective bargaining agreement makes a true holdout rather unlikely as numbers for rookie deals these days are pretty much slotted. Offset language seems an unlikely reason, but it's possible. Maybe Adams' people are balking at the offseason workout bonus' (good luck winning that one in Green Bay.) 

As for his participation in camp, he would most likely stay away until signing an agreement. He could sign an insurance waiver that would cover him in the event of injury so that he could participate, but that’s a very remote possibility.

More than likely you’ll see something get done just prior to the opening of camp on July 26.

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