Aaron's Answers: Will Rodgers help call plays?

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Throughout the season, I’ll be answering reader questions in a weekly mailbag here at If you’d like to submit a question in the future, just email me at

Maybe it’s because Aaron Rodgers went down. Maybe Packers fans are already looking forward to the Milwaukee Bucks’ season. For whatever reason, the mailbag submissions were way down this week. I guess it’s understandable, given the loss of your franchise quarterback and with him any realistic shot at competing for a Super Bowl title.

But the games will go on and we’ll be here to document them as they do. And I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have. Let’s get to it.

From Erica Lueth:

Rodgers is extraordinary at calling plays and reading the field, do you think he will have some input from the sidelines during games? Thanks so much your Twitter always makes me feel better.

Aaron’s Answer:

First of all, I’m glad my Twitter account can provide some solace during these troubling times for Packers fans.

As for your question, Rodgers undoubtedly will be on the sideline after the bye week, though I would say there’s a chance he’s not for the Saints game as he’ll be only three days removed from shoulder surgery.

However, when he is out there, I would certainly expect him to be on a headset, listening in and giving advice to Brett Hundley between series.

As far as calling actual plays, that will be left to Mike McCarthy. While Rodgers does indeed do a great job of calling things during the two-minute drill, McCarthy calls the bulk of the plays on game day and that will continue while Rodgers is out.

From Steven Botzau:

Good Facebook live chat: Do fans really want the pack to lose? That's insane.. I would never allow that mindset.

Aaron’s Answer:

Yeah, the Facebook chats certainly bring out all kinds of fans, Steven. And I certainly understand your reaction to the idea of fans wanting the Packers to lose so they get a better draft position in April.

But look, everyone enjoys being a fan in their own way. Who am I to tell someone they shouldn’t be hoping for a Top-10 pick? Especially when we’ve seen how teams can be turned around with one player. Think about how much better the Packers' defense would be with a premier edge rusher, something they’ll just never have a shot at while they’re continually picking at the bottom of the first round.

That’s not to dismiss your attitude here. Heck, I think the most fascinating aspect of this season going forward is seeing if McCarthy and company can keep the consecutive playoff streak alive without Rodgers.

Yes, that may cost them draft position, but it would certainly validate McCarthy as a coach and maybe quiet some of the critics who contend the Packers are nothing without Rodgers.

We’ll start to get all the answers Sunday when the Packers take the field against the Saints. No matter what you’re rooting for, you can’t deny it’s going to be fascinating to watch the rest of the season play out.

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