Report says Tim Tebow got Jags tryout at tight end; let's revisit why it's a good idea

Ken Willis
The Daytona Beach News-Journal
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Thursday brought reports that Tim Tebow recently had a tryout, at tight end, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and his former Florida Gators coach, Urban Meyer. 

Three months ago, News-Journal sports columnist Ken Willis suggested this possibility was a good idea. Let's revisit that suggestion ...

From Jan. 22: A couple of weeks back, a day after Urban Meyer’s hiring was made official by the Jacksonville Jaguars, I suggested it’s the perfect opportunity for Tim Tebow to return to football.

Calm down ... NOT as a quarterback.

Tebow, as of Wednesday, is suddenly free, deciding he's had enough of Minor League Baseball and the New York Mets organization.

At 33 and well-rested, yet still in shape, he’d be a natural fit for the hybrid position the New Orleans Saints used so successfully with Taysom Hill.

Could the Tim Tebow-Urban Meyer magic work at the NFL level?

Some feedback was positive (“Tebow and Urban, a proven combo!”), some feedback was negative (“Stop with the Tebow dream”), and some was, um, you know (“#&*%^!”)

So let’s revisit the Jags-Tebow-Meyer possibility long enough to toss out five reasons why Tebow should put down his bat and glove and drop a hint to his old Florida Gators coach.

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Reason No. 1: Tim Tebow has trouble with the curve

Professional curveballs are hard to hit. Impossible for some. In 2019, in half a season with the Met’s Triple-A team in Syracuse, Tebow hit .163.

He then got 17 months off as COVID-19 shut down the 2020 minor league season. It seems now it has become obvious to all that his baseball dream has hit a dead-end.

Reason No. 2: The clock is ticking for Tebow

Tebow is 33.

Sure, he’s gone more than five years without taking a football hit, has kept himself in shape and we assume he still lives the clean life, but still, at 33 he only has so much time left before the window slams shut on another football opportunity.

Reason No. 3: Tim Tebow can be a Swiss army knife

NFL offenses have evolved through the years, and nowadays coaches aren’t afraid to utilize an athlete in unorthodox ways.

In New Orleans, Taysom Hill is a former college quarterback whose success at BYU wouldn’t automatically translate to the NFL. But he’s also a great athlete with other skills to offer, and the Saints take advantage of all of them.

Tebow could’ve been Taysom Hill long before Taysom Hill, but held onto his quarterbacking dream and woke up in a dugout. He could and should revisit the idea.

Reason No. 4: Don't you have a sense of nostalgia?

The Jags are Tebow’s hometown team. Just to the west is Gainesville, where he’s rather revered — maybe you’ve seen the statue.

There must be some temptation to suit up again for his original fans. Yes, he has a sweet gig with the SEC Network during football season, but that type of opportunity will still be there down the line, and maybe even better offers if he’s able to resurrect his football career and further elevate his status.

Reason No. 5: It's time for some Urban renewal

Did we mention Urban Meyer?

Through his championship tenures at Florida and Ohio State, Meyer became a coaching legend, yet has also attracted some critics. Tebow isn’t among them. He still holds his college coach in very high regard.

A wink and a nod from Urban Meyer, and Tim Tebow might see how he looks in black and teal. It’s practically a given that Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence will be the Jags’ quarterback next season, and as a rookie, it’ll help to surround him with options.

Tim Tebow in the slot on third down wouldn’t be a bad one.

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