Packers Randall Cobb Partners with US Cellular to Provide Laptops For Boys and Girls Club

Kassidy Hill
Packers News
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"Don't tell Davante Adams, but you're my favorite receiver."

Randall Cobb couldn't help but laugh and even gloat just a bit. The Green Bay Packers wide receiver had just become the favorite receiver for a room full of young children. Partnering with US Cellular, Cobb gifted 35 Chromebook laptops and headphones to the local Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Green Bay ahead of the holiday season. 

As part of their "locally grown joy" initiative this season of giving, US Cellular reached out to local offices to find the areas of need in their community. Once the Boys and Girls Club was selected, it was all about finding the face of the project. 

Randall Cobb was an easy choice for US Cellular. 

"As the official wireless provider of the Green Bay Packers, we know that Randall is such a wonderful role model and such a great advocate and also such an important part of the team, we wanted to partner with him," said Kristy Kruse, Senior Manager of Local Marketing for US Cellular. 

For Cobb, the decision to give back to the club that gave so much to him as a child was an even easier choice. 

"I was a kid that went to the Boys and Girls Club growing up. So whenever I was approached with the opportunity, I jumped at the opportunity. I think US Cellular is doing a great job of trying to connect to the community and connect with the next generation," Cobb told Packers News. "Just being here today reminds me of my time at the Boys and Girls Club as a kid." 

After getting a tour of the entire club from a pack of proud young members, Cobb signed autographs, doled out hugs and trash talked a young Chicago Bears fan, ahead of Sunday's revival of the NFL's most played rivalry. Then the school kids went back to their afternoon activities, now enriched thanks to their favorite Packers receiver. 

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