Alabama receiver DeVonta Smith, The Slim Reaper, reveals his weight

Joe Schad
Palm Beach Post
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Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith catches a pass as Auburn linebacker Chandler Wooten tries to tackle him (Butch Dill, AP)

DeVonta Smith was asked repeatedly on Monday what he weighs.

The fourth time he was asked, the Alabama receiver finally gave it up.

"I feel like it's not going to be any different than college," Smith said, at first. "I have played in the SEC. I feel like it's the toughest conference there is. I know a lot of people that are bigger than me that have more problems than me. So I'm not worried about it at all."

But what do you weigh?

"Same thing I've been weighing," Smith said, on second request.

But what do you weigh?

"I won't be doing anything at Pro Day, but just weighing in," Smith said, on third request.

But what do you weigh?

"One seventy," Smith said, finally relenting.

It must be annoying to win a Heisman Trophy, post one of the best seasons in college football receiving history and be asked about what you weigh over and over.

But it is fair. And it is highly relevant.

Any NFL team that drafts Smith — and certainly the Dolphins will consider it either with the third overall pick or if he's available after a trade-down — will factor his lithe frame into the equation.

Smith's Pro Day is actually Tuesday, though, and as he said, he doesn't plan to do anything on the field. He'll let his film stand. And make no mistake, the film is outstanding.

Smith wasn't able to participate in the Senior Bowl due to injury, but he did choose to go through meetings with Dolphins coach Brian Flores.

"It was a good experience, just to see how the NFL is and how the play books are," Smith said. "And get a feel for what the difference is between the NFL and college."

Smith has already said he would love to re-unite with college teammate Tua Tagovailoa. On Monday, Smith understandably framed his relationship with Tua as a friendship and explained he'd be happy to play for any team that calls his name.

"We talked more than just about football in general and life things," Smith said of Tua. "We don't too much sit up there and talk about us getting together. It's bigger than just football with us. It's more life things."

Philadelphia media wanted to know about his relationship with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, of course. Hurts was also one of Smith's college quarterbacks and the Eagles could select him with the sixth pick.

Smith is a man of few words. He said he'll play inside or out. He said he has enjoyed talking football with NFL coaches on Zoom calls. He spoke about the positive impact his parents had on his demeanor.

"My parents are quiet people," Smith said. "Very humble and hard working. That rubbed off on me a lot."

Still, it must bother Smith that his frame is a constant source of debate and concern. 

A receiver does not post 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns in a season by mistake.

Smith feels he has the ability to make defensive backs feel uncomfortable. Smith feels he'll be able to get off the line of scrimmage and create separation in the NFL.

Smith has been compared to receivers such as Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss and Isaac Bruce. There are plenty of receivers who were thin but dominated Sundays.

 "If I wasn't supposed to be here, I wouldn't be here," said Smith, whose nickname is The Slim Reaper.

Teammates and coaches have said Smith will succeed. They have also suggested he is much stronger than his size may suggest.

"I have the mentality that I won't be stopped," Smith said.

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