Cincinnati Bengals unveil new uniforms for 2021 season

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The Cincinnati Bengals released their new uniforms on Monday morning — the first major change to the franchise's look since 2004.

On Twitter, the team posted an image of several variations of the new unis with the caption: "Look good, feel good, play good."

Another tweet, with a video of players introducing the unis, read: "A new look for a new era. Uniting our past with our future." 

The home black jersey features three orange Bengal stripes on each shoulder, with white numbers outlined in orange with sharp edges. The orange alternate jersey is similar, using black stripes on the shoulders and white numbers with black outline. The white alternate jersey looks the most different, with black numbers outlined in orange 

Each jersey displays the team's Bengals nickname on the chest below the collar and above the numbers, replacing its striped B logo that had been there since 2004. The Bengals' players modeled several different variations of pants. 

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