Kyler Murray slammed by Colin Cowherd for communication skills: 'It's a real problem'

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Radio personality Colin Cowherd made waves last month when he slammed Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray's style of play, labeling him a "running quarterback."

Now, the Fox Sports radio host is taking issue with the rookie quarterback's communication skills.

He went off on Murray's personality on his show this week.

"This is not great," Cowherd said, after discussing how a person's personality is molded early in life. "It is of my opinion that the most verbal position in American sports, and there is no second place, is quarterback. You have to be verbal. You don't have to be big. You don't have to be athletic. You don't have to have a huge arm. You don't have to be relatable. You've got to talk. Baker Mayfield is too cocky for my taste, but he's verbal. Aaron Rodgers is too arrogant for my taste, but he's verbal. Marcus Mariota is a non-verbal person and it's been a huge issue in Tennessee. Jay Cutler: big arm, smart, very moody, struggled to communicate with coaches. It was his downfall. He's probably the most talented quarterback that didn't win in a decade. Jay Cutler had a big brain and a huge arm. He was not a great communicator. Have you seen his reality show? He mumbles a lot.

"This story out of Arizona," Cowherd continued. "Kliff Kingsbury is verbal. He played quarterback. He says Kyler Murray doesn't really talk ... This is not a little thing. This is a big issue. It's not a little thing. It has been the struggle with Cutler and Mariota, they don't communicate well. By the way, sometimes I don't even love all the communication with Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben (Ben Roethlisberger), but they talk a lot. A lot. Condescending. start fires. But they are verbal. "

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Cowherd wasn't done.

"Remember the Dan Patrick interview with Kyler Murray?," Cowherd said. "Dan Patrick is a good interviewer, that is what Dan does. He couldn't get Kyler Murray to talk as an NFL fledgling quarterback. It's a real problem. I don't even like what Aaron Rodgers always says, but he is verbal. (Troy) Aikman, verbal. (Tom) Brady, verbal, (Drew) Brees. You know what Tom Brady and Brees do their entire offseasons? Offseasons: On the phone with their coordinators. Russell Wilson, verbal, talker, speaker, lots. It's not like a 'yeah, I mean, he's just young.' No, no, no. Your personalities don't make massive alterations at 21, 22-years old. They don't ... I'm downgrading Arizona.  By the way, I didn't love them this year anyway, but this stuff, Kliff Kingsbury is like 'he doesn't really communicate.' The quarterback has to talk ... Communicate is big. Hoo, worrisome."

Cowherd's comments appeared to come after hearing Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury's comments about Murray this week. 

Kingsbury didn't seem to have an issue with Murray's personality or communication skills when addressing the media.

“You all have interviewed him, right? What does he usually give you all?” Kingsbury said, laughing. “It’s the same. That’s what he is and who he is.”

Kingsbury admitted he couldn't get a straight answer from Murray when he asks the quarterback which plays he likes and which ones he doesn’t.

“It’s like pulling teeth with him,” Kingsbury said. “He wants to make them all work. … Walking off the practice field, I’ll try to say, ‘Hey, what don’t you like?’ And he’ll say, ‘I love it all’ and we’ll move forward. But that’s how he is. He’s competitive and he wants to make it all work.”

Murray is so dialed in, Kingsbury said, that the 22-year-old just doesn’t have much to say about anything.

“I just badger him to constantly try to get him to talk about something,” the coach said. “That’s it, just stay on him.”

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray (1) during practice on Sep. 2, 2019 in Tempe, Ariz.

This isn't the first time Cowherd has spoken critically of Murray.

"Not all new stuff is legit," Cowherd said when discussing what he called "running quarterbacks" last month, in which he included the Cardinals rookie. "A lot of new stuff is shiny and fun, but it won't prove the test of time. 

“Everybody wants a running quarterback now! But three of the four quarterbacks who finished the season last year were Jared Goff: can’t run, Tom Brady: can’t run, Drew Brees: can’t run, and Patrick Mahomes can run but he’s really a pocket passer.

"Cam Newton, got hit in Week 10 by an athlete smaller than him and according to a story this morning, he’s STILL hurt. I like mobility as in ‘escapability’ but I don’t want running quarterbacks. I'm not into  (Mitch) Trubisky, I'm not into Lamar (Jackson), I'm not into Kyler, it's fun ...  Dwayne Haskins is the future, not Kyler Murray.”

Cowherd added: 

"Murray may be way more interesting, but Dwayne Haskins is a kid developing into a man. I'm going to go with that.

"I don't want to hear about running quarterbacks. I know it's new, cool, fun, shiny, wow! I'll take pocket guys."

Murray is set to make his NFL regular season debut when the Arizona Cardinals host the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

The Arizona Republic's Bob McManaman contributed to this story.

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