Kyler Murray would be better off without Kliff Kingsbury, ESPN personalities say

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Since the Arizona Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the quarterback's future has been connected to head coach Kliff Kingsbury and his offense, which is tailor-made for the former Oklahoma QB.

But, according to ESPN's First Take, Murray would be better off without Kingsbury, the former Texas Tech coach.

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus J. Spears discussed the pairing of the quarterback and coach on their show on Tuesday.

When asked by host Molly Qerim if Murray would be better off without Kingsbury, Smith said: "I would take that. And the reason why I would take that is because if I am going to point and we're going to point at Freddie Kitchens, who we all believe in by the way, we think he has a chance to be good. But if we are going to call him out for being a first year head coach, how come we aren't going to call out Kingsbury?

"Here's the reason why I'd say he'd be better of without Kingsbury. He wouldn't have a job in the NFL if it wasn't for Kyler Murray. Because we knew that Kyler Murray was going to be in position, he was going to have the No. 1 overall pick and you liked Kyler Murray. That is why this man has a job to begin with."

Murray, Kingsbury and the Cardinals are 0-3-1 in their first four games this season.

Murray has four touchdowns passes and four interceptions so far in his rookie season. He has completed 68.8% of his passes for 1,071 yards.

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The Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma last season, Murray has already been sacked 20 times.

Kellerman agreed with Smith's take on Kingsbury and Murray.

"I'm going to take it too," he said. "It's not that Kingsbury can't be a good coach eventually and maybe this will be proven wrong, but based on the information we have now, based on the evidence, he's not a good coach. He wasn't a great coach in college. He's not a good coach in the NFL so far."

Spears concluded the "Take it or leave it" segment of First Take on the Cardinals with some enthusiasm, saying that Murray would be better off without Kingsbury as his coach.

"Preach," Spears said. "Thank you. Yeah, he'd (Murray) be better off without him because he (Kingsbury) sucked at Texas Tech without him ..."

First Take isn't the only television crew to come down hard on the Cardinals this week for the situation Murray is in.

Would Kyler Murray be better off without Kliff Kingsbury? Some ESPN personalities think so.

Fox Sports' Undisputed had a discussion about the quarterback as well. 

"Kyler Murray has been exactly what I thought he'd be," Shannon Sharpe said on the FS1 show.. "I didn't expect him to have success this year. As a quarterback, the most important thing when you go to a bad team is the offensive line. Cardinals did him a huge disservice by not addressing that issue." — 

Skip Bayless, on the same show, said that Murray has surpassed his expectations so far with the Cardinals, even in a difficult situation.

"Given all of the degree of difficulties... Kyler Murray has exceeded my expectations through the first 4 games."

Why does Kyler Murray keep getting sacked?

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