J.J. Watt signing 'tip of the iceberg' for Arizona Cardinals in 2021 NFL offseason?

Jeremy Cluff
Arizona Republic
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The Arizona Cardinals' signing of J.J. Watt created a huge splash on Monday. One that sent shockwaves throughout the NFL.

But it could end up being much more than a splash, according to Arizona Republic Cardinals beat writer Bob McManaman.

McManaman says that the Watt signing could be more like the "tip of the iceberg" for Arizona and its offseason.

"I think this was not just a splash, but a tip of a giant iceberg," McManaman said Tuesday in an Arizona Republic video breaking down the Watt signing and how it helped the Cardinals. "Because there are a lot of moves now that are going to trickle down after this. He was the big splash, yes, but now you've got things you've got to think about it in terms of does this help Patrick Peterson maybe come to an agreement with the Cardinals? In my opinion, he's still the best cornerback they have on the roster and they probably ought to bring him back. As much as he might want to test the market I think he double checks, first of all, and comes to an agreement with the Cardinals rather quickly now. I think he'd love to play with J.J. Watt."

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Could J.J. Watt's signing signal the return of Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald to the Arizona Cardinals?

McManaman went on to discuss how Watt's signing could impact some other key Cardinals free agents this offseason, including Larry Fitzgerald, Haason Reddick and Markus Golden.

"Larry Fitzgerald. Now, you've done that, now we know where our money is going," McManaman said. "Now we can go after we get Pat and maybe a couple of other things done, we know we've got this much for Larry. I think the fact that Larry hasn't announced his retirement only bodes well for a return for an 18th season.

"Then you go trickle down even more to Haason Reddick and Markus Golden. You need either one of those guys with J.J. Watt. I think you need one of them, but it might not be Haason Reddick, who is going to want to test the money market. I don't think he is going to find what he wants out there. They are not going to franchise tag him for $16 million. Maybe you bring Markus Golden back at a far cheaper rate than you can get Haason Reddick because there are other things that are going to happen, including what are they going to do now with the draft? So a lot of moving parts. He was the iceberg breaker though."

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Arizona Republic reporter Katherine Fitzgerald talked about how the Watt signing could open doors for the Cardinals.

"I think it puts the Cardinals a bit more in control, " Fitzgerald said. "They can go about all these other moves after figuring out J.J. Watt. And I think it shows again that more guys are coming to Arizona or are interested in Arizona. You know, not a bad place to spend your offseason. I totally get that, but I think they have done a good job the last few seasons in looking for more veteran guys. But I think that J.J. Watt is so much further along than anyone else they have brought in in recent years that it bodes well for the future too, of just continuing that."

To see the entire video, which includes McManaman and Fitzgerald predicting J.J. Watt's sack numbers next season, click here.

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