Deshaun Watson trade speculation returns for Arizona Cardinals after J.J. Watt signing

Jeremy Cluff
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Deshaun Watson trade speculation continues to run rampant throughout the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals are suddenly in the middle of some of it after their signing of J.J. Watt.

Could the Arizona Cardinals trade for the Houston Texans quarterback?

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio and Chris Simms entertained the idea after Arizona acquired Watt, a former Houston Texan star in free agency, adding him to a roster that already included former Texans great DeAndre Hopkins, whom the Cardinals traded for last year.

"You've got this pipeline of Texans going to Arizona," Florio said. "You've got DeAndre Hopkins there, you've got J.J. Watt there. And it occurred to me yesterday, of all the teams out there to which Deshaun Watson could be traded, if you're looking at it from the Texans' perspective and what you get back, Deshaun Watson for Kyler Murray is the closest thing to a wash you are going to find other than Deshaun Watson for Russell Wilson and the Texans aren't on Russell Wilson's four-team list. Kyler Murray happy to see J.J. Watt as a member of the Cardinals, could it be that the Texans call the Cardinals saying 'hey, you want another Texan, send us Kyler and we'll give you Deshaun Watson …"

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Simms questioned whether the deal could be made financially.

"The money … does that play into it?," Simms said.  "One guy is making significantly less compared to the other as well."

He also questioned whether Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury would want to trade Murray.

"We all know how infatuated he is with him.," Simms said. "It is a system and an offense that really is for Kyler Murray. And not to say Deshaun Watson can't do that, but they are a little different. Kyler's running ability is a little more special than Deshaun Watson.

"I would take Watson right now, but it's close. Kyler Murray is on the fringe of a Top-5 quarterback in football and Watson is a Top 5 … Arizona, they are trying to build something, too, and they've got holes and they've got a quarterback on a rookie contract. So do you want to bring a guy in that has a big salary cap number … that will handicap them to a degree about filling the rest of the roster and improving their football team. That to me would be a little bit of the negative from the Arizona standpoint."

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Florio concluded with this:

"This isn't that difficult.  You've got the two most significant Texans other than Deshaun Watson who have now landed in Arizona. It's not a high-level conspiracy theory … Would Deshaun want to do it? Yes. Would the Texans want to do it if they could get Kyler Murray for Deshaun Watson? Yes. The problem is, does Kliff Kingsbury want to do it? Does Kyler Murray want to do it? I don't think it happens, it's just fun to think about, it's fun to talk about."

Florio also wrote about the possibility of Watson landing with the Cardinals in a story looking at odds for where the Texans quarterback could be traded.

He wrote: "With a one-way pipeline emerging between Houston and Phoenix, however, it’s fascinating to ponder a Deshaun for Kyler Murray trade — a move that would be the most significant quarterback-for-quarterback deal since the Houston Oilers sent Dan Pastorini to the Raiders for Kenny Stabler, if not even more significant."

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Other media members also brought up the idea of Arizona trading Murray for Watson:

Would Deshaun Watson like to be reunited with J.J. Watt on the Arizona Cardinals?

At his introductory news conference with the Cardinals, Watt said he wanted Watson to be happy.

"I love Deshaun. I love Deshaun; we speak often," Watt said Tuesday. "He's an incredible player, but he's an incredible person. He's a special human being and he's obviously unbelievably talented as an athlete, but he's also just a great person. I tell him, the one thing I want for Deshaun Watson is for him to be happy. He deserves it. And I want him to be happy, so whatever that looks like for him, that's what I want for him."

Would Watson be happy being reunited with Hopkins and Watt in Arizona? 

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