Arizona Cardinals uniform concepts, mockups, redesigns: How to fix NFL's worst uniforms

Jeremy Cluff
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It's been well documented that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and other players and the vast majority of the NFL franchise's fans would like new uniforms.

But what should those new uniforms look like, should they get them?

Many have weighed in with their thoughts.

USA TODAY Sports' Nate Davis, who recently ranked the Cardinals' uniforms as the worst in the NFL, called for the team to go back to its uniform from early in Larry Fitzgerald's career.

He wrote: "QB Kyler Murray and, apparently, an overwhelming faction of the fan base want an overhaul. They're right, it's long overdue. Piping + panels = putrid. What was wrong with the Pat Tillman era, featuring Arizona's state flag on simpler white jerseys anyway?"

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USA TODAY Sports' Mackenzie Salmon had a similar request.

She said: "The Falcons got the memo. Piping is dead, you need to follow suit. These jersey designs scream 2007. Kyler deserves better.

"Here's the fix. The helmet is perfect because it's simple. The uniform should be the same. Bring back the Pat Tillman, Jake the Snake Cardinals jerseys with a slight modern flare. Gotta bring back that Arizona flag too."

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Should the Arizona Cardinals go back to this uniform, or perhaps something similar?

Earlier this month, Murray posted a mockup of some Cardinals uniforms on his Instagram story, which appears  to be the latest attempt by the quarterback to get a new look for his team.

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Just over a year ago, he was caught commenting about his team's uniforms on his Twitch livestream.

“No, I don’t like our uniforms,” Murray said. “They’re outdated.”

Murray apparently said he liked the old uniforms that had the Arizona state flag on the sleeves, according to @CardsAvenue, but that wasn't caught on the clip.

When asked on social media recently for his thoughts on a new uniforms for the team, the Cardinals' Budda Baker replied: "Cleannn but that’s a above my pay grade. You gotta ask MR.B on that one," referring to Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill.

Some Cardinals fans also gave their input on how to upgrade the Arizona Cardinals' look, with many even providing mockups:

How would you change the Cardinals uniforms?

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