Sorry Dallas Cowboys, undefeated Arizona Cardinals are the NFL's new 'America's Team'

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The Arizona Cardinals are the best team in the NFL, according to several NFL writers.

But one writer is going even further in his analysis of the Cardinals and their perfect 7-0 start to the 2021 NFL season.

He's calling them "America's Team."

Sorry, Dallas Cowboys.

USA TODAY Sports' Andy Nesbitt made the proclamation on a USA TODAY Sports video before Week 7 of the season, raving about the job Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray and the Cardinals have done this season.

 "I think they are the best team in football," Nesbitt said in the video. "I saw Michael Irvin on ESPN this week telling Cowboys fans to get their Super Bowl tickets because they beat a two and four team with a rookie quarterback and they needed overtime to do that and suddenly the Cowboys are the best team in football? I mean, come on. I know America likes big shiny things and the Cowboys are always going to be that little big shiny coin on the other seat, but the Cardinals are clearly the No. 1 team in football and for anyone to think that the Cowboys are even close to that, ooh, no thank you."

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USA TODAY Sports' Charles Curtis wasn't quite as high on Arizona, but he did say that they were the top team in football right now.

"Here's my thing, the offense is great. Kyler Murray is amazing. Kliff Kingsbury is doing amazing magical things here. They are a delight to watch," Curtis said in the USA TODAY Sports video. "I just can't shake this feeling, Cardinals fans are going to come at me, I know it, that's fine, you said it in the Reddit thread you are going to say it to me, I don't believe in this team to win a Super Bowl. This a the kind of team that gets in the playoffs and everyone goes 'Oh man, Kyler Murray and the offense are so great' and then they get shut down by like a team like the Bills."

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Curtis interestingly brought up the following question during the video when comparing the Cardinals and the Cowboys right now: "Can we call the Cardinals America's Team?"

Nesbitt had this reply: "Yes! Please!"

When asked if he is saying that the Cowboys are not America's team right now, Nesbitt answered: "No, they haven't been for like 30 years."

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Not everyone agrees with Nesbitt and Curtis having the Cardinals as the best team in the NFL right now and we're sure more than a few Cowboys fans will dispute crowning Arizona as "America's Team."

There are some real head-scratching NFL power rankings out there, including a couple that have the Cardinals, the NFL's only undefeated team seven weeks into the season, ranked No. 7.

Some of them also have the Cowboys, who are 5-1 with their only loss in the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ranked ahead of the 7-0 Cardinals.

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The Arizona Cardinals are the NFL's only unbeaten team seven weeks into the 2021 NFL regular season. Are they now America's Team?

Sports Illustrated's Gary Gramling explained his No. 7 ranking for the Cardinals as follows: "You have to feel great about the defense as well as the individual play of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. What’s worrisome is an offensive system that requires the quarterback to maintain an MVP level over 17 games. They’ve been great, but they’ve also been fortunate along the way. The Cardinals are converting a lot of third and very longs while also stopping opponents on fourth downs at an unsustainable rate (10 of 14 so far, league average usually hovers around 50%). They’ve recovered 18 of 23 fumbles (expected fumble recovery rate for any team is 50%). Between fourth-down defense and fumble recoveries they’re stealing two possessions per game so far. They’re the only team in football to have opposing kickers miss three attempts inside 50 yards, one of two teams to have opposing kickers miss four PATs, and are top 10 in offensive and defensive red-zone efficiency, typically a volatile stat unless you have a Derrick Henry on your roster. In many ways, it smells a bit like the 2020 edition—albeit with a better defense. But, mostly, they’re 6–0, which actually counts even more than their position in some guy’s power rankings."

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The Cardinals and Cowboys interestingly face off in Week 17 of the season on Jan. 2, 2022, in a game that could have major postseason seeding ramifications.

We might be getting just a little ahead of ourselves, however.

There's a lot that could change before that second-to-last week of the NFL regular season.

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