Arizona Cardinals' new uniform talk rekindled with Kyler Murray speculation

Jeremy Cluff
Arizona Republic
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There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals since the quarterback scrubbed his Instagram account after the Pro Bowl and since the team briefly scrubbed its own account before the Super Bowl.

One alternate take?

Some have thought that the Cardinals could be getting new uniforms, something that Murray has previously called on Arizona to do.

Clutch Points' Katie Francis wrote of that speculation: "Some are speculating that the team is doing a rebrand and changing their uniforms. This, or some other branding explanation, would make the most sense. Murray is the face of the franchise, which would explain why he of all players would delete posts in the current uniform. He also still follows teammates like Zach Ertz and DeAndre Hopkins."

Some on social media also ran with the idea that the Cardinals could be getting new uniforms.

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Maybe the Cardinals are getting new uniforms (we'll believe it when it happens), but  we're not buying it, at least in relation to Murray's social-media antics.

All the reports and speculation surrounding Murray and the team seem like a little much for just a uniform reveal.

Still, there is no denying that the Cardinals are due (or past due) for a uniform upgrade.

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Some have speculated that Kyler Murray's social media antics are just a ploy for new uniforms for the Cardinals. While Arizona could use new uniforms, we're not buying it.

For the Win recently ranked Arizona's uniforms No. 30 in the NFL.

Charles McDonald wrote: "The Cardinals need a rebrand, especially on their white away jerseys. The red are ok, but they could go for a more classic look and really pop. (I must say, at this point, I don’t really hate any of the uniforms. Only the Falcons and Commanders)."

NBC Sports had the Cardinals' look even lower, ranking it No. 32 (last) in the league.

Ethan Cadeaux wrote: "The all-red Cardinals uniforms are decent, but the team should seriously ditch the white helmets. To truly upgrade their uniforms, a complete overhaul is needed."

Many have been clamoring for Arizona to get new uniforms for years.

Perhaps 2022 will be the year that the team answers their call.

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