NFL uniform rankings: Arizona Cardinals' uniforms ranked worst in NFL among all 32 teams

Jeremy Cluff
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For years, many have clamored for the Arizona Cardinals to get new uniforms.

A recent ranking of NFL uniforms may add some fuel to the fire of those seeking a change in the team's look.

NBC Sports recently ranked the uniforms of all 32 NFL teams and the Cardinals came in at No. 32.

Yes, Arizona's uniform was ranked the worst in the National Football League.

Ethan Cadeaux wrote: "The all-red Cardinals uniforms are decent, but the team should seriously ditch the white helmets. To truly upgrade their uniforms, a complete overhaul is needed."


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It's not the first time that the Cardinals' look has been ranked the worst in the league.

In April, USA TODAY Sports also ranked Arizona's uniform No. 32 in the NFL.

Nate Davis wrote: "QB Kyler Murray and, apparently, an overwhelming faction of the fan base want an overhaul. They're right, it's long overdue. Piping + panels = putrid. What was wrong with the Pat Tillman era, featuring Arizona's state flag on simpler white jerseys anyway?"

Others have been kinder on the Cardinals' uniforms, however.

For the Win recently ranked Arizona's uniforms No. 30 in the NFL.

Charles McDonald wrote: "The Cardinals need a rebrand, especially on their white away jerseys. The red are ok, but they could go for a more classic look and really pop. (I must say, at this point, I don’t really hate any of the uniforms. Only the Falcons and Commanders)."

BuzzFeed was easier on them, ranking the Cardinals' uniforms No. 21 in the NFL.

Jeremy Hayes wrote: "Very simple uniforms, but they always look good on the field. If they were to change anything, they could maybe modernize the patterns on the shoulders and pants. It's hard to go wrong with red on a football jersey."

Touchdown Wire was even easier, putting Arizona's uniforms at No. 17.

Mark Lane wrote: "The Cardinals had bland red and white jerseys with an annoyed cardinal on a white helmet. If an empty billboard were a team, it would be the Cardinals until 2005 when they introduced their modern uniforms. Arizona can go full one color with them, or provide different uniform schemes. Many teams dabble with black jerseys as a variant, but the Cardinals are the only team that appears to pull it off right."

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Do the Arizona Cardinals need new uniforms? Some people definitely think so.

Some Cardinals uniform speculation has been rekindled with the speculation surrounding quarterback Kyler Murray.

Perhaps 2022 will be the year that the team finally answers those calling for new uniforms for the team with a new look.

They've been waiting a long time.

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