Larry Fitzgerald addresses rumor he stopped playing due to Arizona Cardinals' Kyler Murray

Jeremy Cluff
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Former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald responded to a rumor that he stopped playing in the NFL because of conflicts with quarterback Kyler Murray in a tweet on Wednesday.

"This isn't factual information," Fitzgerald tweeted. "Have never had a problem with a teammate in 30 years of competitive sports."

Fitzgerald's tweet was in response to a series of tweets that indicated that Murray was the reason Fitzgerald stopped playing in the NFL.

"I would trade @K1 for a locker room leader who doesn’t play anymore @LarryFitzgerald all day every day," one Cardinals fan tweeted.  "You are telling us, The @AZCardinals allowed an undersized immature temper tantrum throwing first contract QB usher out our Hall of Famer."

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"You think Larry’s exit was caused by Kyler, or simply the catalyst? I never considered either," another responded.

"Reported Kyler was one factor due to lack of humility and personality clash w Larry," the original fan responded.

Fitzgerald's father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., interestingly tweeted earlier this week that Murray was "spoiled," which could have fueled the rumor about Murray influencing his son's decision to stop playing the league.

The tweet said: "He’s spoiled brings his Oklahoma offense to the NFL team has to catch up great talent. He’s never been humbled keep working."

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Former NFL player Greg Jennings could have also helped stoke the flames of the rumor with recent comments about Murray and Fitzgerald on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

“They’ve created this problem,” Jennings told The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday, via Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “It was good friend Larry Fitzgerald … I remember sitting down and talking to him and asking him about Kyler. (Fitzgerald) said one of the things he felt was that they rolled out the red carpet too soon. Too soon for a young guy. They gave (Murray) everything that he wanted, anything — he had free reign, and it started to show in his personality and how he carried himself.

“When you do that, when you make that decision early, you set yourself up to fail. This is what has happened in that organization right now with Kyler Murray. You’ve already given him everything he’s ever asked for. You rolled out the red carpet and you turned over the car keys, you said, ‘Here this is your car, we go as you go.’ All of a sudden, he doesn’t want to drive that car anymore.”

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Larry Fitzgerald took to Twitter to address a rumor that he quit playing in the NFL because of Kyler Murray.

Fitzgerald commented on his former teammate and his situation with the Cardinals last month.

“I haven’t talked to Kyler in a while,” Fitzgerald said at the WM Phoenix Open. “He looked good in the Pro Bowl. He looked like he was having a great time, throwing touchdowns out there. I just hope everything works out the way both sides want it to work out. That’s really what it’s all about for me.”

On Thursday, he replied to another Tweet in the same Twitter conversation, tweeting "I speak for myself!" in reply to a post about how his father doesn't speak for him.

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