Former Arizona Cardinals slam team's culture amid Kyler Murray contract situation, drama

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A couple of former Arizona Cardinals players slammed the organization amid quarterback Kyler Murray's contract situation with the team.

Former Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds, who signed a free-agent deal with the Miami Dolphins this offseason, said the drama between Murray and the team was not unexpected, in a recent interview with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden on the All Things Covered Podcast.

"It wasn't surprising to me, bro, to say the least," Edmonds said. " … I speak when spoken to, but my ears are always open. I know how certain things were done. I know us as players didn't always agree with. Obviously that is how it is always going to go in the game of football, whether it is coaches-players, front office-players, front office-coaches …

"I just know, especially knowing how the last two years had ended, meaning 2021 and 2020, and knowing the type of competitor that K1 is, and the type of winner that he wants to be ... I knew there was gonna be, at some point, some things happening. Especially just because, you see the power that quarterbacks have now. ... They hold the weight, man, and you gotta pay 'em. I feel like K1 obviously got to do what he's got to do to make sure he gets paid and take care of himself and take care of his family.

"Just in terms of that drama, you definitely saw it.  The way things ended the last two years. It wasn't up to our standards at all and you could see the frustrations during it boil over."

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Edmonds wasn't done.

In the podcast, he questioned the culture in Arizona after the Cardinals' struggles down the stretch the past two seasons.

"I don't even know," he said. "It's crazy because now that I am not on the team you can sit back and call it out and be honest with yourself and you still have these conversations with the guys of like trying to figure out what the hell went wrong, goes wrong and you don't even know.  I feel like sometimes culture establishes that. When you see (good) culture teams in the NFL, like the Baltimore Ravens, the New Orleans Saints, the San Francisco 49ers, those teams that no matter how talented they look, bro, from top to bottom, they just somehow find a way to win damn games," Edmonds said. "They just somehow find ways to continue to be in big games and successful seasons year after year …  Even like Mike Tomlin with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had them boys ready to go into the playoffs. Honestly, talent wise nobody believed that the Pittsburgh Steelers could even beat them. It's something about that culture that you can't really even put your finger on.   Some teams have that culture, and some teams don't and sometimes it starts from the top to the bottom. It takes its place. I feel like that's kinda what it was for us."

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Peterson, also a former Cardinals player, shared his thoughts on the team's culture in the podcast and he wasn't impressed.

"I think the thing that Arizona does a bad job of, dropping the ball is, keeping key guys, keeping core guys there that can help you continue to build," he said. "Like a Chandler Jones for example. If you are looking to win, if you are looking to compete for a Super Bowl championship, there's no way in the world Chandler Jones should be walking away. I don't care how you cut it. I've seen it time and time again with Calais Campbell … the list goes on. They have a tough problem just keeping guys there that mean something to the team."

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Chase Edmonds opened up on Kyler Murray and his former team, the Arizona Cardinals, on a recent podcast.

As for Murray, McFadden asked Edmonds and Peterson if they thought the quarterback would finish his NFL career with the Cardinals.

Peterson replied: "No.  I've been around K1. He's a competitor … And I feel like, no disrespect to the Arizona Cardinals, I feel like they don't put the team in a position to be successful year after year after year. They want to sit and wait on draft picks instead of being aggressive in free agency and going and getting guys that can help you get better right now versus waiting on the future.  And Kyler Murray's not gonna sit around and wait for that."

Edmonds said: "Man, the way things are, and how people just move and get traded, I don't think so. It's a new way, bro. It's a new era in the NFL. ... He wants to win. People are gonna say a lot of things about K1, but he wants to win more than anything, I promise you that. And so if the winning ain't happening, I don't know."

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Peterson has been an outspoken critic of the Cardinals since leaving Arizona after the 2020 season. Edmonds recently signed with the Dolphins and the podcast provided him an opportunity to talk about his former team.

Murray's future with the Cardinals has been a hot topic all offseason and speculation has run rampant about the team potentially trading him before the 2022 NFL Draft.

Could Peterson and Edmonds be right about the quarterback's future in Arizona?

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