Indianapolis Colts fans share feelings about COVID, Carson Wentz ahead of season opener

Akeem Glaspie
Indianapolis Star
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INDIANAPOLIS — The 2021-22 NFL regular season has arrived, ushering in a new era of Indianapolis Colts under starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Full capacity was permitted again at Lucas Oil Stadium after last season's crowds were limited to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's how Colts fans feel about some important questions surrounding the team:  

Will the Colts avoid any COVID-19 related setbacks?

Natasha Cummings

Natasha Cummings, Greenwood

"I hope so. As long as everybody takes their precautions when they're off the field, I think it'll be good while they're on the field."

Stephen Cavallieri

Stephen Cavalieri, Bristol, R.I. 

"I think so. I think there's enough vaccine out there, enough people are going to get vaccinated. I think we're pretty safe."

Sam Shanks

Sam Shanks, Terre Haute

"I think it's a big factor. I think they should all be vaccinated. It's kind of embarrassing that the Colts have one of the lowest percentages (of players) to be vaccinated and I hope that they can all come around, hopefully stay healthy and none of us contract COVID today.  ... But I hope the team realizes how important it is to get vaccinated and to stay healthy."

Berry Winston

Berry Winston, Indianapolis 

"That'll be nice, they don't have a choice. Hopefully those guys can stay safe and stay separated and stay healthy, so we can go ahead and go do this. We need to bring the Super Bowl back." 

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Hesitancy about attending a Colts game?

Gerald Gibson

Gerald Gibson, Indianapolis 

"Not for us. We're good. We got vaccinated. So we're pretty good."

Sam Shanks, Terre Haute

"I was hoping that the roof would be open to help that a little bit, but here we are. It'll be comfortable, I guess."

Can Carson Wentz lead the Colts to the playoffs?

Lynette Winston

Lynette Winston, Indianapolis

"I think they're looking pretty good. I think they're gonna kick butt this season."

Berry Winston, Indianapolis 

"The team with Andrew Luck versus this team with Carson. ... Andrew was good, Carson is kind of injury prone. Hopefully, he can stay healthy. If he stays healthy, he's got a good shot."

Arturo Echevereria

Arturo Echeverria, Illinois

"We've got a good quarterback now. He's going to get it done."

Gerald Gibson, Indianapolis 

"We're optimistic, we're pretty hyped up. ... I think a new start will do (Wentz) good. 

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