This Detroit Lions OT has mastered staying home during pandemic

Carlos Monarrez
Detroit Free Press
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Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker understands the temptation to be social as the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

But Decker is a classic homebody who doesn’t mind staying in.

“I like being at home as much as I can, so it’s not a huge sacrifice for me,” he said Thursday in a Zoom call with reporters. “But for some people it may be a challenge just not being able to be out and socializing and be out amongst big groups.

“For me it’s not a hard sacrifice to make. I like to stay at home, take a nap, play some video games if I can.”

Left tackle: Taylor Decker.

Decker knows all of his teammates aren’t necessarily content dozing off between rounds of “Donkey Kong.” He knows it’s a sacrifice for some players, though he thinks it’s one well worth making by every Lions player.

“But I think that’s definitely a challenge,” he said, “especially with guys living close to the city or if you’re a younger guy and you want to go out and do things, you want to go out and be around people.

“That’s a challenge, but I don’t think that’s a huge challenge. I think if you ask every single guy would you trade being able to go out and eat three times a week to be able to play football this year, every single one of them would trade it.”

Decker also said he appreciated the measures the Lions’ staff has taken to ensure players remain healthy and emphasized the need for players to take everyone in their lives into consideration when it comes to potential exposure.

“Everybody around the building in our organization has done a fantastic job,” he said, “to try to streamline everything possible to keep us out of situations where we’re going to have to go out and be exposed and maybe not only put yourself at risk but put other people at risk and put your family at risk.

“I think that’s another thing a lot of guys are taking into consideration. Is it worth me going out to eat if I give my grandma COVID and she’s in (poor) condition? Definitely not. Nobody would think that. I want to play.”

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