Packers-Bears double feature: 'Too Much Clay Matthews'

Jeff Ash
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Catherine Urbanek in a scene from her short film "Too Much Clay Matthews."

Packers-Bears week is turning into something of a short film festival.

Say hello to actress and writer Catherine Urbanek, who says she's "a Cheesehead currently living in Los Angeles" and "a big-time Claymate."

Last month, she released "Too Much Clay Matthews," featuring a woman who loves the Packers and a would-be suitor who loves the Bears.

(Viewing tip: Start watching "Too Much Clay Matthews" at the 2:32 mark.)

Urbanek describes "Too Much Clay Matthews" as "part awkward rom-com, part football fan video." It co-stars Brandon Jones, whom you may have seen in "Pretty Little Liars" and "The Fosters" on ABC Family.

Earlier this week, Chicago actress and writer Katherine Biskupic called our attention to her production, "Romeo and Juliet (football parody)." It features a woman who loves the Green Bay Packers and a would-be suitor who loves the Chicago Bears.

Another way to describe "Too Much Clay Matthews" -- and to distinguish it from "Romeo and Juliet" -- might be "makeout session interrupted by Packers-Bears taunts."

They're different takes on the Packers-Bears rivalry as seen through the eyes of women, but each enjoyable in their own way.

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