Seahawks fans camp out for NFC title game tickets
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Seahawks fans lined up outside CenturyLink Field box office early Monday morning for NFC championship game tickets, which go on sale Tuesday.

SEATTLE -- Tickets for Sunday's NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers don't go on sale on Tuesday morning at the ticket box office at CenturyLink Field, but Seattle Seahawks fans are already in line.

On Sunday, the first two fans lined up at 10 a.m. As of Monday morning, about 50 people had joined them in line.

Jim Borda and Craig Beckett were the first two fans in line.

Craig said he lined up early because of his "passion about the Seahawks, baby."

"Loving the football team, what it's doing for the city, what it's doing for me. It just makes me feel like I'm 15 years old again. It's just fun," Beckett said.

Borda was on his way to his dad's house. When he stopped by and no one was in line, he and Beckett decided to stay. Now, Borda says, he'll see his dad on Tuesday.

Both were surprised there weren't more fans lined up, but say fans are steadily trickling into line Monday.

"This is the biggest thing for a hometown crowd because the Super Bowl is somewhere else," Borda said.

On Sunday, two fans, Jim Borda and Craig Beckett, were already in line to purchase tickets for the NFC championship game.

For these fans in line, this game also offers a chance to make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

"In fact, the first game I ever came was during Beast Quake I," said fan Jason Schiffner. "That was an amazing game. It happened to be my birthday, my wife was there, it was right before my second deployment. And I thought to myself coming up to this game, I want to make another fantastic memory before we have our first child because she's nine weeks pregnant."

The Seahawks will take on the Packers in the NFC championship game at 2 p.m. CST Sunday.

The Seahawks say 98 percent of season-ticket members reserved their playoff tickets, but about 1,200 tickets will be made available to the public.

A lottery will be conducted for Blue Pride season ticket wait list members on Monday. A limited number of tickets will be available to those Blue Pride members who are selected. Winning members will be notified by email on Monday.

Tickets available to the public will go on sale Tuesday at 10 a.m. PST at the CenturyLink Field NW Box Office only. Fans may purchase a total of two tickets per person. The Seahawks Pro Shop will open at 8 a.m. PST.

No tents are allowed for the fans lined up, but fans still came prepared to wait, including at least one cot.

Last year, there were complaints after the Seahawks only sold tickets online to people with Northwest addresses (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska). One fan sued over it. The Seahawks haven't said that's why people are required to buy tickets in person this year, but that's the requirement for the 2015 NFC Championship.

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