Favre on playoffs: 'I'm so glad I'm not playing'

Jeff Ash
Gannett Wisconsin Media
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Former Green Bay Packers quarterback offers his take on the NFL playoffs.

"I'm so glad I'm not playing, " former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre said Monday in his video breakdown of Sunday's NFL divisional playoff games. Why? Because of the extreme emotions involved.

Favre also praised the Packers and former teammate Aaron Rodgers for their victory over the Dallas Cowboys, saying Rodgers "played outstanding" and calling it. "vintage Green Bay."

But there was a catch, so to speak.

"I will say this," Favre added, "I thought Dez Bryant made a catch, and that's from an outside point of view. I also know what it's like when calls don't go your way. And I thought in this case Dez Bryant made an outstanding catch in a great, pressure-packed situation. And that one was taken away from him. Would Green Bay have won? I have no idea. I would assume so. They're a very good team. But I just felt like a great player made a great play in an unbelievable situation. But it happens."

Looking ahead to Sunday's NFL championship game between his former team and the Seattle Seahawks, Favre sounded encouraging about the Packers' chances, but remained noncommittal.

"Matchup I thought would happen. Seattle. Green Bay. I think it'll be a little different than the last time. I'm not saying Green Bay would win -- or lose," he said. "I just think they'll play a lot better than they did last time. They are playing a lot better."

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