Clay Matthews: Future SportsCenter anchor?

Jordan Schelling
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Clay Matthews gives SportsCenter anchor a try.

Clay Matthews can't play football forever. What will he do when he's no longer an NFL linebacker?

He's shown off some dancing, singing and acting skills in "Pitch Perfect 2," so maybe he'll go the acting route. He also spent time as a Call of Duty "intern," so perhaps he'll be a video game developer.

But could his future be in broadcasting, and specifically, as a SportsCenter anchor?

That's the premise of a new promo for HBO's upcoming series "Ballers," starring Dwayne Johnson and premiering Sunday night at 9 p.m. CDT. Matthews and Johnson join ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt in the ad that shows them prepping Matthews for life after football, which is part of what Johnson's character "Spencer" does in the show.

Matthews delivers a remarkably cringe-worthy performance.

"Um, hello. This is SportsCenter. And welcome to it. The show."

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