For some, Lambeau Field is a memory to forget

John Ferak
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A shirtless fan is chased through the stands of Lambeau Field when the Green Bay Packers hosted the New York Jets last season. The man was arrested on a charge of unlawful conduct at a public event.

Unrest in the stands. Bedlam in the concourse. Boorish behavior at the stadium entrance gate.

Last season, 67 fans were arrested at Lambeau Field. This marked the fewest game-day arrests at Lambeau since 2006, the I-Team found. In most arrests, excessive alcohol use was cited by police as a factor.

Some of the arrests were wacky and downright bizarre.

Here's a snapshot of some game-day incidents from last season:

Preseason mischief

Preseason games can be boring, but not for one fan dressed in a skeleton mask and Oakland Raiders attire.

He wandered the concourse and harassed other fans near Section 103/105. He put his arm around several fans, much to their dislike, even when they told him not to touch them, reports show.

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Eventually, the 33-year-old man lifted his skeleton mask to smoke a cigarette - a violation of stadium fan conduct. When the fan locked eyes with Green Bay officer Jeff Brann, he tossed his lit cigarette over a stadium railing. He tried to hide in the crowd, but didn't get far. The cop tracked him down.

The Raiders fan conceded he hadn't watched the game for at least an hour. He had a can of beer in one hand and appeared intoxicated, reports state. However, he adamantly denied harassing or bothering other fans. "(He) explained that he was just being social with other fans in the stadium," police stated.

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Then he accused police of profiling him since he came from Minnesota to root for the Raiders. "However, there were numerous other Raiders fans in the area, but none of them had been causing problems for other fans," police stated. "(The fan) told another subject in the area that he was being falsely accused by police of smoking."

Police found a pair of shears with a 2-inch blade — illegal in the stadium — plus a pack of Camel cigarettes and a lighter.

Vikings fan caught red-handed

Memo to fans: don't try to steal a stadium floor dryer. One Minnesota Vikings fan learned that the hard way.

Late in the game of the Packers-Vikings contest, a bike patrol police officer saw a man wearing a Minnesota Vikings T-shirt carrying a blue floor dryer outside Lambeau Field near the players lot entrance gate. The man, talking on his cell phone, immediately set the floor dryer down when he spotted the police. "Uh oh, I think I'm going to jail," the man remarked.

Officers contacted stadium personnel to retrieve the floor dryer. Police asked where he got the floor dryer. The Minnesota man, age 45, "said it was in the atrium near the entrance doors and he figured since it was kind of Vikings colors, he would take it home. (He) said he almost made it to his car," reports state.

Police determined the floor dryer was valued at $289. The man, who was intoxicated, was arrested for theft.

Fan pepper sprayed

It was a rough day for one bare-chested Packers fan wearing a stocking cap.

By the fourth quarter of the 2014 New York Jets game, officers dealt with a highly intoxicated, long-haired 29-year-old man blocking the view of the field as he danced — shirtless — in front of other fans. Earlier in the game, the young man from Milwaukee approached Green Bay police inquiring how much clothing he could strip off before police would arrest him.

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When the usher tried to escort the Milwaukee man away from his seat in Section 120, the shirtless fan shoved an usher and tried to run away. Other officers gave chase. Several officers pinned him on the ground and handcuffed him. "The male refused to walk and had to be carried out of the stadium into the concourse," Officer Timothy Kenney stated.

As police searched the man for weapons and identification, he told Kenney to "(Expletive) off and "Go (expletive) myself."

Outside the stadium, even when officers tried to push him into the squad car, he stood firm. "I told him three times that if he did not get into the squad car, I would pepper spray him," Kenney stated. The fan remained belligerent. At that point, the officer applied a one-second burst of pepper spray into the combative man's eyes.

"Approximately 20 seconds later, (he) complied and got into the squad car," Kenney stated.

Local fans cause havoc too

During the Jets game, at least 10 fans pointed out a foul-mouthed Allouez fan for police in Section 342. He appeared intoxicated and looked underage. At first, he claimed to be 28, then it was 21. He also denied he swore in the stands or drank alcohol at the game.

"I told him he was not 21 years old," one officer stated. "He then said he was 18 years old, but his father was a deputy sheriff."

The young fan turned argumentative as Green Bay officers put him in handcuffs. He spewed lots of profanity at the police. "(He) kept shouting that he knows lots of cops. (He) said his father was a deputy sheriff repeatedly. (He) was told that he should show respect to his father and calm down," reports show.

Police discovered the teenager had a fake ID pretending to be a Colorado 28-year-old. Officers eventually held the 18-year-old against a wall. He refused to stop kicking and pounding on the door inside the police holding room. "At no time was (he) cooperative with police," reports state.

Bears fan can't endure humiliation

Last November, most of Lambeau Field relished in delight as the Packers massacred the Bears 55-14. But one intoxicated fan from Chicago lost his temper before halftime.

The 22-year-old headed down to the stadium's field gate in the north end zone. The angry Chicagoan hurled his can of beer onto the field. The can landed on the 1-yard line and did not hit anyone, police reports show.

A member of the Packers staff saw the incident. He notified Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. John Jones, who found the fan still standing near the field gate. The Bears fan was marched up the stairs and handcuffed.

"At that time, he admitted throwing the can on the field because he was upset with the Chicago team," Jones stated.

Bathroom incident leads to other's arrest

By halftime of the Packers-Bears game, a 24-year-old Prairie du Sac man was inside the women's bathroom causing a disturbance by urinating in the sinks.

"The male was dressed in camo and was noticeably highly intoxicated," police reports state. As officers hauled away the staggering man, the police were blocked in the south concourse by a 36-year-old Packers fan who wore a cheese hat and was busy talking on his phone.

Green Bay police officers arrest a fan after a scuffle on the concourse during a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field against the Minnesota Vikings in November 2007. Home games against the Vikings often result in several game-day arrests and ejections.

In turn, that fan, who was also intoxicated, became argumentative. He got into an officer's face and refused to get out of their way, prompting his arrest. "I told (him) he had several chances to walk away, and he interfered with the police business. He did quiet down after this and started to cry," police reports show.

One regrettable Lambeau memory

He came to Lambeau Field all the way from Massachusetts to cheer his New England Patriots onto victory. Instead, he ended up at the Brown County Jail.

The 26-year-old was singled out as one of several Patriots fans in section 107-109 using excessive profanity and hurling homosexual slurs toward Packers fans in the stands. He became confrontational toward police upon being asked to leave the stadium.

"I paid a lot of (expletive) money to get into this game," the young man hollered at police, continuing to use profanity at them, reports show.

When police grabbed the intoxicated Patriots fan by his arm, he resisted their efforts to kick him out of Lambeau Field.

"I told him I gave him more than enough opportunity to walk out of the game with a simple ejection, but at this point he would be arrested for disorderly conduct," Officer Matthew Lynch stated.

If his game-day experience day was not bad enough, the final score was probably the clincher.

The Packers beat the Patriots.

Jello-shot bandit

While thousands were glued to the Packers-Patriots game on the field, one fan from Fond du Lac was making a spectacle of himself out in the stadium parking lot.

He was jumping on the hoods of cars and tossing around plastic containers filled with Jello shots.

The man had a duffle bag with a shoulder harness. The insulated bag contained alcoholic pudding and Jello shots, police reports show. Green Bay police officers pinned the 34-year-old fan to the ground after he resisted arrest. "It was clear to me that the bag was not (his) and was probably stolen from a tailgating vehicle in the area," stated Officer Jeff Stone.

Days later, Stone discussed the incident with the man's wife. "I explained to her that he had one of their cooler/duffle bags in his possession with pudding shots inside and he was throwing them at vehicles and the fact that he had jumped on (the lot attendant's car), causing scuff marks on the hood," the officer stated.

The woman told police that her husband was outside the stadium because he got in a fight with his brother-in-law and was kicked out of the game. "She stated that he's not normally like this, only when he drinks," the arrest report noted.

Obnoxious fans

A man from Merrillan, Wis. got into a screaming match with a female usher near Section 133 during the Atlanta Falcons game in December.

He extended his middle finger toward the female usher's face and yelled "(Expletive) you," reports show. When a police captain asked the man to leave the stadium peacefully, the fan held his hands above his head.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" he screamed repeatedly. Hundreds of fans watched as the disturbance unfolded.

"They're killing me! They're killing me!" he screamed as officers put him in handcuffs.

Back in the holding area, police found a small bag of marijuana inside the man's pants pocket. His preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of 0.21 percent. The man was fined $880 for unlawful conduct. The drug possession citation was dismissed.

Elsewhere in the stadium that night, other officers responded to a report of a young woman passed out in the bathroom. Police found her sitting on the floor, talking on her phone. The 21-year-old woman with bloodshot eyes slurred her words insisting she never passed out, reports show.

"Up until this point, I was not planning to eject her, but while talking to her, she became very emotionally upset and started screaming at me," Officer Scott Asplund stated.

At one point, the Eau Claire woman flopped on the ground, refusing to get up. Several officers hoisted her to her feet and marched her out of the stadium.

"During the escort, (she) attempted to pull away from officers explaining that her family wore Packer jerseys at her father's funeral, and she should not be ejected from the stadium," Officer Jeff Brann stated.

She was taken into the arrest booking area where she remained ornery. "She said this was going to ruin her life and she wanted to be let go," reports show.

"Hands up, don't shoot!"

A suburban Chicago man wearing dark blue clothing drove more than four hours to attend January's playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys; he never made it past the entrance gate.

Before kickoff, the 32-year-old Joliet man began shouting and causing a disturbance after officers refused to let his female companion bring her oversized purse into Lambeau Field. The man insisted she was not from this country and that officers were harassing a foreigner, police reports state.

The scene at the gate became a spectacle.

The man was so loud that fans at least 200 feet away heard him screaming and spewing profanity at officers, reports show. Tensions reached a boiling point when the man was told to show his identification. He began yelling about the deadly shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Next, he knelt. He put his hands into the air.

"Don't shoot! Hands up, don't shoot!" the Illinois man yelled, causing other fans to notice.

When the Cowboys fan arose, he was soaking wet as he sneered at the police, "(expletive) you." Then he laid down on his belly, reports show. After the man's arrest, he pounded on a stadium door where he was detained.

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