Stat Pack: Rodgers' accuracy an issue

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While much has been made of the deficiencies of the Packers’ receiving corps this season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has struggled as well after a strong start. Rodgers’ accuracy since Week 5 has dipped dramatically from the lofty levels of last season and the early going in 2015.

As PFF’s Nathan Jahnke notes, Rodgers ranked fifth among NFL quarterbacks through this season’s first five games with an accuracy percentage of 79.7 percent. Since then, however, his accuracy percentage has plunged to 67.5 percent, which ranks sixth-worst in the league.

Most glaring has been Rodgers’ decline on deep balls (passes of 36 yards or more). After posting a 60.0 percent accuracy rating at that depth in 2014 and the first five weeks of this season, Rodgers has seen that number slide to 28.6 percent. And his accuracy at middle distances also has diminished: On passes from 5 to 10 yards, Rodgers’ accuracy rating has dipped from 76.5 percent to 50.0 percent, and on throws from 11 to 20 yards it has dropped from 65.4 percent to 53.7 percent.

Despite the inaccuracy issues, Rodgers still has avoided interceptions with only four on 781 snaps. The only starting quarterback who comes close to Rodgers in that area is the Patriots’ Tom Brady (four interceptions on 713 snaps).

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