How about that finish!? #10;#10;Relive last night#39;s game-winning Hail Mary #t
Aaron Rodgers: quot;You live for days like thisquot;#10;#10;WATCH:
Thanks for the continued support #PackNation !!! No matter what! Hands down the
We#39;ll be watching that on espn classic for a long time to come..mdash; Kennar
With all that being said I think Rodgers is the only QB that can make that last
Well, that pretty much sums up 30 years of being a Lions fan.mdash; Shane Battie
@MNevala9 Thanks for the love but all congrats go to the team. Like the rest of
Holy smokes Green Bay wins on a legit Hail Mary!!! #GBvsDETmdash; Brendon Ayanba
I#39;m thinking this is a penalty.; shannon shar
Hand up to the mask, quick grab with finger and head gets turned. At full speed
Wow that was ridiculous!!!!! Justice serve for that no call on the PI!!!! #Gopac
Still on cloud 9 from this win!; Krissy
As a Lions fan this happens all the time. U get use to it after awhile......mdas
Craziest finish I#39;ve ever seen!!! #GBvsDET wow @AaronRodgers12 what a play!!!
Lol, i#39;m sorry but a thumb hitting the face mask isn#39;t pass interference!
Stayed late and watched Packers fans take over Ford Field.