Cobb: Packers establishing 'who we are'

Brett Christopherson
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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb (18) shakes off the tackle attempt of Dallas Cowboys strong safety Barry Church (42) at Lambeau Field.

Gannett Wisconsin Media’s Brett Christopherson caught up with Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb, who shared his thoughts on Sunday’s 28-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys:

The Packers rushed for 230 yards on 44 carries against the Cowboys and rank eighth in the league in rushing offense, averaging 120.8 yards per game. Do you think you’ve finally established your offensive identity? And if so, what is it?

RC: Our running attack was definitely great this past week. That’s huge for us as an offense — to find that balance, and it starts with our running game. Everything starts up front with our offensive line. They did a great job. As far as establishing who we are, I think so. I think we’re right on the trend of where we want to be. I think we already knew who we were and what we’re capable of. I don’t think that was something that was found this week. I think we already knew. It was just getting back to that and playing our style of football, which we haven’t consistently done this season. But this past week, I think it was one of those games that can lift us and start our playoff run. Having a game like that and having success with our running game and being able to move the ball and put some points up, I think that was huge for us as an offense.

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Last week, you said the team needs Eddie Lacy to run angry. What impressed you most about his performance during Sunday’s win in which he rushed for 124 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries? Could you see a more determined and focused Lacy heading into the game?

RC: I think Eddie was the same person before the game that he always is. He prepared the same way. You just saw a different player on the field. I don’t think it was anything different that he did with his preparation or how he was. I really can’t put a finger on what it was or what he was feeling. I think it was just a full team effort as far as execution goes. If you look at the way the game went, we made plays all across the field. And again, everything starts up front. Our offensive line was giving Eddie lanes to run and giving him opportunities to make those plays, as well as (James) Starks.

Mike McCarthy is calling plays again. Could you notice a difference? Was the rhythm better?

RC: Again, back to execution. I didn’t even know he was calling plays until the fourth quarter. I didn’t even know until I came off the sideline one time and noticed that he had the play sheet in his hand. That’s the first time I realized he was calling plays. But I didn’t really feel any different. I just felt like we executed better as a team with our running game and with the passing game. We made the plays when we had the opportunities. ... I don't even know who all knew before the game. That wasn't really anything that was said to us. Nothing ever came out about it. As far as teaching the offense, the same coaches were doing the same things they've been doing every other week.

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You had a busy day against Dallas with eight catches for 81 yards and three carries out of the backfield. But you were also a very effective blocker and provided a key block in James Starks’ 30-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter that gave the Packers a 21-7 lead. Do you get more enjoyment out of a big catch or a big block? What’s the key in being a good blocker as a wide receiver?

RC: I just love being on the field and making plays and being a part of it. That was definitely one of the more fun games I’ve been a part of. Being able to do different things — obviously, I feel like my versatility is something that has given me a lot of success. I think it creates those matchup issues for defenses because they’re looking to find where I’m lining up for different situations. As far as run blocking goes, it’s just playing football and having fun and just being to help out in someone else’s success. That’s what teamwork is. It’s being able to do those things. I think I get more enjoyment out of making some of the blocks I’ve been able to make over my career. From this past week, probably the most fun play I had was when Eddie ran me over (on a block), and I was tackled into the end zone. They ended up calling the touchdown back (to the 1-yard line). But it’s fun to be able to be a part of this team and to be able to help out in different ways.

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