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Pro Football Focus uses a complex system to analyze every NFL player involved in every snap in every game and assigns a grade based on how he performed on that play, with each position having its own set of grading guidelines. Plus/minus scores are given in 0.5 increments and a small normalization factor is applied to make 0.0 the average grade for a game or season. To learn more, visit

Three statistical takeaways on the Raiders as they prepare to host the Packers on Sunday:

1. Despite being saddled with a sub-.500 record, the Oakland Raiders have a higher cumulative grade than the Green Bay Packers. The Raiders (6-7) rank seventh in the NFL with a +106.3 score; the Packers (9-4) are ninth at +96.4. Oakland's biggest edges are in pass rushing (+49.4 to +18.1) and overall offense (+40.2 to +21.2).

2. Little wonder that Oakland has a fearsome pass rush, given that it features NFL sacks leader Khalil Mack  (+69.2 overall grade, +40.5 pass rush). Mack (14 sacks) far and away leads all 3-4 outside linebackers (next closest in the Broncos' Von Miller at +45.3; the highest-rated Packer at the position is Nick Perry (+4.9). Two stout defensive linemen -- Dan Williams (+26.2) and Mario Edwards Jr. (+17.7) -- are the only other Raiders defenders with double-digits cumulative scores. Former Packers star Charles Woodson gets a +7.3 overall mark (+9.7 pass coverage, -3.5 run defense).

3. The Raiders' seeming edge over the Packers at wide receiver isn't reflected in the cumulative grades. Although Michael Crabtree ranks 33rd in the NFL with a +5.3 overall score, rookie running mate AmariCooper is down in a tie at No. 66 with a negative score of minus-1.1. Cooper's biggest shortcoming is as a blocker (minus-0.8). For the Packers, Randall Cobb leads the way at No. 45 with a cumulative score of +2.6.

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