Packers have 3 possible playoff matchups

Jordan Schelling
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With one game left on the regular-season schedule, we know the Green Bay Packers will play at least one playoff game. What we don't know is where, when or who they will play.

By virtue of their loss to the Cardinals on Sunday and their Week 2 win over the Seahawks, the Packers can finish no higher than the No. 3 seed and no lower than the No. 5 seed. With the Redskins locked into the No. 4 seed as the NFC East champion, the Packers have three possible matchups in two potential locations.

Here's a look at the Packers' possible playoff matchups ahead of Sunday night's de facto NFC North title game against the Minnesota Vikings:

No. 3 Packers host No. 6 Vikings

How this happens: Green Bay beats Minnesota and Seattle beats Arizona. The Packers would win the NFC North and the Seahawks would own the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Vikings.

This matchup would be a repeat of the 2012 season, when the two teams met in Week 17 and again in the first round of the playoffs. The Packers lost at Minnesota on Dec. 30, 2012, before beating the Vikings on Jan. 5, 2013.

No. 3 Packers host No. 6 Seahawks

How this happens: Green Bay beats Minnesota and Arizona beats Seattle.

It would be the fifth matchup between the two teams since 2012, and the second in the playoffs. The Packers infamously lost last season's NFC championship game in Seattle, but Green Bay won this year's game at home.

No. 4 Redskins host No. 5 Packers

How this happens:  Green Bay loses to Minnesota.

These two teams last met Sept. 15, 2013, a 38-20 Packers victory. They have not met in the playoffs since Dec. 24, 1972, a 16-3 Washington victory.


While the day and time will not be determined until the matchups are set, it's easy to envision a Packers-Seahawks rematch as a potential prime-time game in the wild-card round. Packers-Vikings or Packers-Redskins, however, seem more likely to be slated for an afternoon kickoff.

As the No. 5 seed, the Packers could play either the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the second round, while a third-seeded Green Bay team could only face the No. 2 seed. Carolina and Arizona have clinched first-round byes, but the top spot is still up for grabs after the Panthers suffered their first loss Sunday in Atlanta.

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