Stat Pack: Vikings making the grade

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Three statistical observations leading into Packers vs. Vikings on Sunday:

1. The Vikings have a better overall team grade (+96.3) than the Packers (+66.1). Minnesota ranks 10th in the NFL while Green Bay ranks 13th. The Vikings’ superiority lies primarily in their pass rush, with a grade of +82.1 compared to the Packers’ +48.8. Minnesota’s top-rated pass rushers are defensive end EversonGriffen (+15.4) and defensive tackle Linval Joseph (+11.5), who is doubtful to play Sunday due to a foot injury.

2. Despite all of the Packers’ much-publicized deficiencies on offense, they still have a higher grade on that side of the ball (+5.6) than the Vikings (-12.0). Minnesota gets penalized heavily for its deficiencies in pass blocking (-42.6 compared to the Packers’ +11). In fact, the Vikings get positive marks in all other areas of offense while the Packers get a negative grade in pass receiving (-15.2) and run blocking (-17.7).

3. Second-year Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is creeping up on Packers mainstay Aaron Rodgers in the quarterback ratings. Bridgewater is 13th with an overall grade of +10.9; Rodgers is tied for eighth at +19.4. And surprisingly, the Packers’ Eddie Lacy ranks higher overall as a halfback (24th, +3.7) than Vikings star and NFL rushing leader Adrian Peterson (32nd, +2.7). Why? Because although Peterson has a much better grade as a runner (+9.5 to +2.6), Lacy gets positive marks in all areas while Peterson fares poorly in pass receiving (-3.2) and blocking (-3.0).

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