Lofton: Packers should have gone for 2

Stu Courtney
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Former Green Bay Packers receiver James Lofton (1978-86) is introduced at halftime during alumni night events at the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau FIeld.

Count former Packers receiver James Lofton among those who believe Green Bay should have gone for the win by attempting a two-point conversion Saturday in their divisional playoff game at Arizona after scoring a last-second touchdown on a Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jeff Janis.

Lofton, a Hall of Fame receiver who starred for the Packers from 1978-86, appeared Monday on “The Dan Patrick Show” and agreed with the host that coach Mike McCarthy should have rolled the dice and tried to win the game immediately, rather than having Mason Crosby kick the extra point that sent the game into overtime tied at 20.

“All week long, Mike McCarthy had talked about, ‘We’re not underdogs, we’re going down here to win,’ and I just think that makes such a big statement,” said Lofton, who covered the game as an analyst for Westwood One. “You kind of try to play the odds. But the odds are, if you don’t win the coin toss — and they lost it twice (after the referee decided to do a re-flip) — you don’t win the game.”

Patrick concurred, saying, “I just thought the momentum was there, and at an all-time high. And I’m also looking at what the Cardinals have to be thinking is, ‘My God, how did we let this happen?’  And then you’re just, ‘Hey, we’re ready to go!' Go for two, line ‘em up and then maybe they’re not ready for you.

“I just thought, I can win it right there. I don’t know if I can win it in overtime.”

Lofton also noted that such a bold decision would have been easier to live with at Arizona than at Lambeau Field.

“If you try that on the road, you don’t get booed,” Lofton said. “If you try it at home (and don’t make it), you get booed.” and follow him on Twitter @Stucourt

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