Titletown District details emerge

Richard Ryman
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Ashwaubenon Village President Michael W. Aubinger speaks to a crowded auditorium during a public open house to discuss Green Bay Packers Titletown District plans at Ashwaubenon High School in Ashwaubenon, Wis. on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016.

ASHWAUBENON – The Plan Commission will review Titletown District plans for the first time on Feb. 2, the next major step in the village's approval process.

Details were revealed Thursday during an open house for the Green Bay Packers' 34-acre commercial, residential and recreational development immediately west of Lambeau Field. The filing for the Planned Unit Development includes details such as heights of buildings, numbers of parking spaces and the species of trees to be planted.

The district is bordered by Lombardi Avenue, South Ridge Road, Marlee Lane and Brookwood Drive. In the middle of the development will be 10 acres of public space that includes a football field-sized green space, a skating pond and more. Its three announced anchors are Lodge Kohler, a four-star hotel, Hinterland Brewery and a Bellin Health clinic.

It includes 180,000 square feet of additional commercial space to the north, along Lombardi Avenue and Marlee Lane, and as many as 70 townhouses along Brookwood Lane to the south.

10-acre plaza heart of Titletown District

Its purpose is to provide the Packers with a stable source of non-football income and to provide a social and recreational element aimed to making Brown County more attractive to young adults.

Among details in the filing or from the open house:

At the center of the photo is the land the Green Bay Packers plan to develop as their Titletown District.

» Phase 1 development will include almost 21 acres of the 34-acre development west from South Ridge Road, including the three anchors and the public park and plaza. Construction is expected to begin in mid-March and be complete by September 2017, the beginning of the NFL season.

» Thirty percent of the overall development will be green space. Listed are plaza lawns, including a full-sized football field, an activity strip, play area, climbing area, putting green, ice-skating pond (in winter) and a dog park. Thirty percent of the trees will be hardwood.

» Entrances and exists include full access off Marlee Lane; right turn only in-and-out access from Lombardi Avenue in two places; right turn only in-and-out access from South Ridge Road near the intersection with Lombardi Avenue; two Lodge Kohler access points from South Ridge Road; and Bellin Health access points from Blue Ridge Drive and Brookwood Drive.

» Traffic control will be adjusted as needed, including possibly installing lights on South Ridge Road, Village President Mike Aubinger said.

Titletown District neighbors weigh in

» A section of True Lane, between Brookwood and Blue Ridge drives, will be moved several hundred feet to the west to make room for the hotel and health clinic. This will create a jog at the north end of True Lane, much like the one that currently exists. That part of True Lane, which was near the now-gone Kmart, will be eliminated.

» A crosswalk is proposed on South Ridge Road about midway between the intersection with Lombardi Avenue and Blue Ridge Drive. Aubinger said the crosswalk would have a signal. Mid-street crosswalks north and south of the new location, which are not signaled, would be abandoned.

» A feasibility study is under way on a tunnel under South Ridge Road. Aubinger said a bridge over the street was ruled out for several reasons, not least is because studies show people don't use them. "They just walk across the street anyway," he said.

» The district will have bike racks, but not designed with a bicycle focus because there are no nearby bike trail connections. It will be pedestrian friendly.

» Proposed buildings heights are: Lodge Kohler hotel, 80 feet; building No. 1, immediately west of Hinterland Brewing Co., 50 feet; Bellin Health medical clinic, 42 feet; Hinterland Brewing Co., 40 feet.

» Proposed parking allocation includes 229 spaces for Lodge Kohler, 91 spaces near Bellin Health, 331 spaces fronting Lombardi Avenue from South Ridge Road to about half the length of the development, and 191 spaces adjacent to the north side of full-sized football field. Those spaces are temporary and will in time be replaced by commercial development. The total is 842 parking spaces. A parking ramp near Marlee Lane is contemplated for a later construction, though is not certain.

» An unknown number of game-day parking spaces will be lost when construction begins. Aubinger told residents Thursday he expects people who park cars in their yards and businesses around Lambeau Field will absorb much of the demand. A parking ramp near Marlee Lane is possible as part of future construction, but it's not decided.

Changes in plan specifics are possible.

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Titletown District approval schedule

Dates subject to change. Updates can be found at

» Jan. 26, 6:30 p.m., Ashwaubenon Village Board, Village Hall, 2155 Holmgren Way, consideration of resolution vacating street.

» Feb. 2, 5:30 p.m., Ashwaubenon Plan Commission, Village Hall, preliminary review of planned unit development (PUD) application and project details.

» Feb. 23, 6:30 p.m., Ashwaubenon Village Board, Village Hall, preliminary review of PUD and project details.

» March 1, 5:30 p.m., Ashwaubenon Plan Commission, Village Hall, final consideration of PUD.

» March 7, 3 p.m., Ashwaubenon Site Plan Review Committee, Village Hall, review of PUD and project details.

» March 8, 6:30 p.m., Ashwaubenon Village Board, Village Hall, public hearing and final consideration on vacating street; hearing and final consideration of PUD.

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