Favre's HOF speech will be off the cuff

Pete Dougherty
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CANTON, Ohio - Just as when he was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame last summer, Brett Favre's induction speech for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night will be extemporaneous.

Favre will be the last inductee of the night, presumably because a large portion of the 20,000-plus crowd will be Packers fans, and the Hall doesn’t want the place emptying after Favre speaks.

The Hall encourages its recipients to keep their speeches short – last year former Packers general manager Ron Wolf clocked in at 6 minutes, 50 seconds – but some last for 20 minutes or more. And Favre is an extrovert who always has given long answers to questions in press conferences. So without prepared remarks, he risks giving a speech that’s too long.

“My speech will be much like the way I played,” Favre said at a press conference Friday. “It will be, ‘Who in the hell knows (what’s going to happen)?’ But I say that, not to scare anyone that we may be here until 3 in the morning, but it worked out fairly well for my career.”

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Favre chose his wife, Deanna, to be his presenter. The Hall has done away with the presenters giving introductory speeches and instead interviews the presenters to include in a video that introduces the inductee.

"Obvious choice," he said of having Deanna present him. "And I’ll say this – not waste my line – but she was there long before my first touchdown pass and long after the last. So it was an easy choice.".

Favre said he will feature his father, Irvin, prominently in his speech. Irvin Favre died in 2003.

“With my dad I think what I want to get across is it’s not secret how important he was to my life and to my career, which was extremely important,” Favre said. “There’s a lot of people who were important to my career that made a difference in my success, but none more important than my dad.”

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