Thompson mum on undrafted free agents

Tom Silverstein
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Packers general manager Ted Thompson addresses reporters Tuesday.

GREEN BAY - It’s not easy to interpret Ted Thompson’s thoughts on his football team, but sometimes his silence says more than his words.

Take, for instance, when he was asked in his weekly training camp press conference Wednesday, whether he thought his current class of undrafted free agents was one of the best he has brought in.

Given the performance of players like cornerback Josh Hawkins, receiver Geronimo Allison, cornerback Makinton Dorleant, punter Peter Mortell, safety Kentrell Brice, defensive tackle Brian Price, safety Marwin Evans and running back Brandon Burks, it’s pretty clear his scouts did their job well this past year.

Throw in quarterbacks Joe Callahan and Marquise Williams, who are candidates for the practice squad, and you’d have to at least consider this to be one of the Packers' best undrafted classes in some time.

“I don’t know how you measure that,” Thompson said. “I hadn’t thought about it.”

Well, do you think it’s a good class?

“Never talk about those guys,” Thompson said.

Never? Ever?


Are you sure?

“Go back and check.”

Well, we did.

For the record, Thompson did answer a question about undrafted cornerback LaDarius Gunter on Aug. 25th of last year, albeit hardly an insightful comment.

“He’s doing OK,” which in Thompson parlance usually means he’s pleased with the player’s performance. Gunter wound up making the 53-man roster.

Thompson likely isn’t bragging about his class because he doesn’t want to alert other teams that some of these guys are worth looking at after final cuts. He’s not going to be able to keep many of them on his 53-man roster and will be looking to bring the best ones back to his practice squad.

But there have been numerous scouts attending the Packers’ exhibition games and you can bet they’re taking notes. When asked whether he was being so guarded with his comments because he didn’t want to let other teams know how much he liked them, Thompson said no.

“They’re undrafted free agents, you know?” Thompson said. “We’ve got more important things to talk about.”

Or not talk about.

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