Packers' color rush uniforms will be white

Richard Ryman
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GREEN BAY - The Green Bay Packers will wear all-white uniforms when they host the Chicago Bears and in all future color rush games.

The Packers chose their standard away jersey with white pants over all-green or all-yellow uniforms. Color rush is the name the National Football League has given to the one-color uniforms mandated for Thursday night games shown on NFL Network.

The Chicago Bears will wear all-navy blue in the Oct. 20 game at Lambeau Field.

Six teams have chosen some version of white for their color rush uniforms. In addition to the Packers, they include Cincinnati, Dallas, New Orleans, New York Giants and Oakland. The NFL will not schedule those teams to play one another in color rush games, said Packers spokesman Aaron Popkey.

White is the backup uniform for teams when colors clash or cause other problems. For example, last year the New York Jets wore green against the Buffalo Bills, who wore red. Color-blind fans complained that they couldn't tell the teams apart, red-green being the most common issue in color-blindness. The Bills and Jets play again Thursday, and this year the Jets will wear white. The Bills will remain in red.

The Packers are selling color rush hats on their website. The standard away jerseys are available, also, but are not relabeled as color rush jerseys. On the website, jerseys are identified with the color rush name.

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The Green Bay Packers will wear all white uniforms for their "color rush" game against the Bears on Oct. 20.
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