Morning Buzz: 14 hours of NFL football

Aaron Nagler
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Welcome to your Morning Buzz, rounding up news and views regarding the Green Bay Packers from around the web and here at Grab a cup of coffee (or brew some tea, if that’s your thing) and get caught up on everything you need to know about the Packers.

While the Packers are off this Sunday after their Thursday night victory over the Bears, that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to examine when it comes to the Green and Gold. Case and point: the offense continually shooting itself in the foot.

Ryan Wood takes a good look at the points that have been left on the field:

It has become a weekly trend for an offense grappling with inconsistency. A most conservative estimate has the Packers leaving up to 36 points off the scoreboard for various reasons this season, which comes out to a touchdown per week. The estimation doesn’t include multiple first-and-goal situations that have become field goals, and also a tough incompletion between Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in the back, left corner of the end zone against Detroit.

For context, those 36 points would increase the Packers’ average scoring to 29.3 points per game, which would be third in the NFL behind the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. Currently, they’re tied with the Denver Broncos for 16th in scoring with 23.3 points per game. The Packers particularly have struggled since their bye, with 30 of the missed 36 points coming in their past three games.

Gary D’Amato takes a look at Ty Montgomery’s journey from running back to wide receiver and now, seemingly, back to running back.

Speaking of Montgomery, Eric Baranczyk and Pete Dougherty write that the 2nd year pro is the key to the Packers’ offense going forward.

PFF also took a look at the versatile second year player:

The Packers have a shot at getting Joe Callahan back.

Tom Silverstein has everything you need to know heading into your NFL football Sunday with his “This week in the NFL” column.

Tom’s Game of the Week is the clash against the undefeated Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. Writes Tom:

As good as things have turned out for both teams, it shouldn’t be a big deal that the two starting quarterbacks used to be Eagles teammates. The best thing that ever happened to Sam Bradford was getting traded to the Vikings. He’s 4-0, hasn’t thrown an interception and has a 109.8 passer rating. No. 2 pick Carson Wentz was going to be a backup until Bradford got traded. Now, he’s thrown for 1,186 yards and seven touchdowns with one interception (99.9 rating). Still, this is Philadelphia and the fans won’t forget that Bradford wasn’t thrilled when Wentz was drafted. The Eagles were playing great defense, but it turns out weak competition early in the season had something to do with that. They’ll try to put some heat on Bradford and keep this game low-scoring.

Even after starting 1-6 and losing to the Packers on Thursday night, it’s hard to get a read on the job John Fox is doing in Chicago.

Dan Pompei declared the Bears' season dead after the loss to the Packers:

With the early kickoff in London, there are 14 straight hours of NFL football today.

Speaking of the NFL, the Josh Brown episode has shown us they haven’t learned anything about taking domestic violence seriously.

Andy Benoit has film study notes for all 32 teams:

"Brett Favre: A Football Life" premiered on NFL Network this week. Here’s a preview clip of Favre’s arrival in Titletown.

One New York Packers fan attended Thursday night’s game in honor of her late father.

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