Cobb: We have to prove we're a good team

Brett Christopherson
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USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s Brett Christopherson caught up with Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb, who shared his thoughts on Sunday’s 31-26 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. This Q&A is presented by Tundraland:

First, how are things progressing with your hamstring? Do you expect to return to a more prominent role when you face Tennessee?

Cobb: We didn’t have any setbacks (against the Colts), so that’s a positive. It’s still something that I’m going to have to continue to work through. So, I’ll still be limited in some fashion this week and throughout the week and probably in the game, as well.

What has you most disappointed now that you’ve had some time to digest and review the team’s overall performance against the Colts?

Cobb: I think just getting down in the count early. Open the game up with a kickoff return for a touchdown against you, that kind of takes the air out of you a little bit. But we never kind of got back into it. We drove down, and we kicked a field goal, but we never could quite recover from that. We had plenty of opportunities, but we just didn’t capitalize on those chances that we had.

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In his review of the game, Mike McCarthy said the attention to detail wasn’t where it needed to be. Explain what those details are. And how do you sharpen that focus moving forward?

Cobb: Well, it’s just 11 guys on the same page every single play. You can’t have 10 guys playing extremely well on a particular play and one guy not doing the job to the best of his ability. It really thwarts you. And you could see that throughout the film on various plays being one guy away. If we play at a high level and handle that responsibility, I think we’ll be all right. We have a really good team. It’s just going out and proving it every week, and we haven’t done that quite as well this season.

You’re 4-4 at the midway point of the season and on a two-game losing skid. You've dropped two games at Lambeau Field, you've suffered some rough losses and you continue to battle injuries. How would you describe the psyche of the team right now? What's the mindset at as you prepare for the second half of the season?

Cobb: There’s a lot of football left to be played. I think everybody understands that. All of our goals are still in front of us. I think we’re all very disappointed in the way that we’ve played. We know we’re a better team than what we’ve displayed, and we just have to go out and prove that. It’s on us. I don’t think there’s any time for desperation right now, but I do feel that guys are very, very frustrated with where we are in our season. I think everybody is looking at himself in the mirror and seeing what more they can do and trying to be the best teammate that they can be for the team and figure out a way to get us wins.

There’s the old adage that says you are what your record says you are. But given the expectations the Packers had entering the season and knowing the guys you have in the locker room, do you believe you’re better than what your 4-4 record indicates?

Cobb: We do, but at the end of the day, we can think we’re a really good team and not win another game this season. So that really doesn’t indicate anything – us thinking that we’re a good team. We have to prove that. Every stadium that we go into, we’re going to get that team’s best shot. Every team that comes into our stadium, they’re going to give us their best shot. So we have to prove that each and every week. There’s no just talking about it and having the confidence. It’s going out and proving that we are who we know we are. And at 4-4, we haven’t done that, obviously. We’re much better than a .500 team, but we haven’t shown that. So, our record does indicate who we are right now until we do something about it to change it.

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