Cobb: Packers 'must stick together'

Brett Christopherson
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USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s Brett Christopherson caught up with Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb, who shared his thoughts on Sunday’s 47-25 loss to the Tennessee Titans. This Q&A is presented by Tundraland:

You followed a rough outing against the Colts with an even rougher outing against the Titans. How do explain what went wrong?

Cobb: Offensively, when you dig yourself a hole the way we did, it makes it hard to come out of. We got down 21-0 early, and by the time we hit stride and started moving the ball, it was a little too late.

Making plays and executing — is it as simple as that in getting things turned around and putting an end to your slide? Or, are there more layers in diagnosing the issues and trying to make the fixes?

Cobb: I’m not one to make excuses for anything, so I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s one thing or another, or we need to change this or that. At the end of the day, we just need to go out and win. I think winning fixes everything. You look at some of the games we win, we don’t execute every single play as perfectly as we would like. That’s the nature of the game. That’s the nature of football. Everybody’s doing what they can on each play, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to look perfect every single play. Some of our biggest wins have come when we’ve faced adversity with a turnover or with whatever may happen, but we continued to find a way to win. And that’s what it comes down to. I think winning replaces a lot of those questions that’s asked.

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Does this feel like a season that’s starting to slip away? Is there still enough time to establish that identity and make a run?

Cobb: Again, it’s all about winning. People can say that our season’s over. People can say that we can’t recover from this. But it’s all on us. I think that’s the overall message, and we know it. We’re 4-5. This is where we are, and this is where we are at this point of the season. But there’s a lot of football left to be played, a lot of things can happen and a lot of things can change from here until the end of the season. Our goal is still in front of us. We’re one game back in our division. The worst part is continuing to talk about losses and continuing to say that we’re digging ourselves a hole. But that’s the reality, and the only thing that can fix that is winning. So, that’s really the only thing that’s on my mind right now.

You’re a veteran guy and a team leader. How do you make sure the locker room doesn’t fracture, particularly with how things have played out the past two weeks?

Cobb: That’s the most important thing. There are things outside of our room that try to separate us, that try to pull us away from each other, that try to break the bond that we have that was created throughout the season. But we must stick together. That’s the only thing that we can do that’s going to get us wins. The more we point fingers, the more that people start doubting us, the worse off we’re going to be. So we just have to stick together and not let the outside noise change what we believe.

Finally, you’ve been battling and playing through a hamstring injury. How is that holding up? Do you feel like you’re getting closer to full-strength?

Cobb: Yeah, I think I’m pretty close to full-strength. This past week, I was still on a limited (play) count. We were projecting me playing 40 plays, and I think I got up to a little over 50. So that was a positive to know that I was able to get through those. But getting through isn’t enough. I’ve got to do more for this team. And as I continue to gain my health and get back to full-strength and get back to doing more in practice, that’s going to be my goal — to make sure that I’m handling my business to put the team in the best situation possible.

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