Morning Buzz: McCarthy not feeling heat

Aaron Nagler
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It’s hard to start anywhere other than Mike McCarthy’s nearly defiant news conference Monday. If fans were expecting big changes or sweeping proclamations from the Packers' head coach, they didn’t get them. Instead, they got a resoundingly confident coach who feels his team is only a few plays away and that his message hasn’t gotten stale.

Tom Silverstein does a great job setting the scene inside 1265 Lombardi.

From Tom:

McCarthy has fought off failure at every turn in his professional career. Even the team’s Super Bowl season of 2010 looked to be a disaster until his quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, began playing lights out and galvanized the rest of the team around him.

McCarthy has had nothing but postseason disappointment since then, falling on the final possession in three of five elimination games since the Super Bowl XLV victory. His team has endured massive amounts of injuries and lost three in a row in three of the last four seasons.

Just as McCarthy is feeling the heat, so is defensive coordinator Dom Capers, whose unit has been as culpable as any in the last four losses. The disintegration reached shocking proportions Sunday as the Titans scored touchdowns on their first four possessions and five of their first six.

There were blown coverages, gaping holes, missed tackles and absentee pass rushers. The Titans were ranked 22nd in passing offense and yet quarterback Marcus Mariota completed 19 of 26 passes for 295 yards and four touchdowns.

If you’re Capers, who has been a target of disgruntled fans every season since the Super Bowl, the pressure inside the meetings rooms has to be enormous.

Speaking of Capers, Michael Cohen takes a look at the complete disaster that is the Packers' defense.

Bob McGinn has his weekly film study up from the Titans game and, as one might imagine, it’s not pretty.

Writes Bob:

Well, at least the Packers didn’t embarrass themselves like coach Forrest Gregg’s team did in a 55-24 pasting from coach Bill Parcells’ Super Bowl-bound club.

John Hilton, the Packers’ special teams coach, turned toward the Giants’ coaches in the press box late in the game and flipped them the bird. His obscene gesture lasted for several seconds.

Hilton was angry because he thought the Giants were rubbing it in on a fourth-down decision. Parcells denied it.

Anyway, neither Mike McCarthy nor anyone on his coaching staff made a spectacle of himself in the 47-25 upset loss against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.  However, this was a comedy of errors as was the Packers’ showing in the Meadowlands 30 years ago.

While we won’t have our first official injury report for the week until Wednesday, Silverstein has all the latest on the injuries sustained in the loss to the Titans.

I listened to some voicemails from fans after Sunday’s game. You can guess what most of them had to say.

David Bakhtiari stopped by Clubhouse Live last night. You can watch a replay of the entire show here:

Clubhouse Live with Montgomery, Bakhtiari

Elsewhere, unlike many of the team’s fans, Adam Schein doesn’t think the Packers are in trouble:

A bunch of people lost a bunch of money betting on the Packers this past Sunday.

A couple former Packers have chimed in recently:

ESPN's Rob Demovsky writes that Davante Adams is a bright spot for the Packers:

Some folks are gearing up for a coaching search:

Donald Driver and Mark Lee are going into the Packers Hall of Fame:

I went on Facebook Live for an hour Monday and answered questions from Packers fans:

PackersNews - Videos | Facebook

Former Packers safety Chris Banjo found a new home:

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