Opposite Sideline: Seahawks resilient

Aaron Nagler
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The lowdown on the Green Bay Packers' next opponent from a beat writer who covers the team.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll complains to a referee against the Packers at Lambeau FIeld Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015.

Lambeau Field will host a marquee NFC matchup Sunday afternoon when the Seattle Seahawks, fresh off their nationally televised beatdown of the Carolina Panthers, travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers.

We caught up with Stephen Cohen, who covers the Seahawks for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and got his thoughts on Sunday's matchup. You can find his answers to our questions in the video above and the text  below.

1. The Seahawks are obviously contenders, but how have they been able to bounce back from things like the tie in Arizona or the loss in Tampa Bay? Is this just a resilient bunch?

"It is a resilient group, and as much as we like to discount such things, losing the way they did against Tampa Bay gives this roster — which features more undrafted players than drafted ones —a reason to feel like they’re being disrespected, counted out, etc. More than any team I can think of, Pete Carroll’s Seahawks squads thrive on adversity, real or perceived. It seems to be in their DNA."

2. Last year when these two teams faced off in Week 2, Aaron Rodgers was able to utilize the hard count very effectively to engineer free plays for the offense. Do you think that will be a particular point of emphasis this week for the Seahawks defense? 

"Oh yes. Richard Sherman actually talked about that quite a bit in his Wednesday press conference, saying Rodgers, 'makes a living on free plays.' I don’t think it was meant as a compliment. (Related: Do NOT play a 'Michael Bennett is offside' drinking game on Sunday, because you might die from alcohol poisoning.)"

3. Will the potential for snow and wind change how the Seahawks approach things on offense? Or will they run their stuff regardless? 

"The Seahawks' offense has been so all over the place this year, it’s hard to know what 'their stuff' is, but I think you’ll see them try to replicate what they did last week against Carolina, when they rushed for a season-high 240 yards. That should be a game plan that travels and adjusts to the conditions. An effective ground game led by Thomas Rawls allows them to then take advantage of matchups downfield with players like Jimmy Graham, Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, so look for them to try and pound the ball early so they can open up their playbook later."

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