NFL power rankings

Tom Silverstein
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Dak Prescott and the Cowboys face the Giants.

1. Dallas Cowboys                 (last week)      1

Dak and the Giant task.

2. New England Patriots                               2

Threatening to win by the dozen again.

3. Seattle Seahawks                                      4

Having Nike make them snow shoes.

4. Kansas City Chiefs                                   5

Good in any kind of weather.

5. Oakland Raiders                                       3

Frozen in their tracks in Kansas City.

6. Denver Broncos                                       7

Run game more like a walk game.

7. Detroit Lions                                            8

Playing Chicago can be a bear.

8. New York Giants                                      6

Starring in Cowboys II.

9. Atlanta Falcons                                       9

Feeling Tampa’s hot breath on neck.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers                             12

Finding their footing just in time.

11. Baltimore Ravens                               14

Not excited about a Brady X-mas.

12.  Miami Dolphins                                 10

Still feeling wild about playoff chances.

13. Washington                                        11

Cousins needs to take liberties again.

14. Buffalo Bills                                       13

Need Tyrod to tidy things up.

15. Tennessee Titans                              15

Fit to be tied in AFC South.

16. Indianapolis Colts                             18

May send Texans South for the winter.

17. Green Bay Packers                           19

Hope to have more than snowball’s chance.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers                   20

Have holiday sack to deliver Brees.

19. Houston Texans                                16

May not thaw out until January.

20. Minnesota Vikings                            17

Receiving Jaguars delivery from FEMA.

21. Arizona Cardinals                             25

Plan on quitting later.

22. New Orleans Saints                         21

Never defensive about anything.

23. Philadelphia Eagles                         23

E-A-G…, oh forget it.

24. Cincinnati Bengals                          27

Have an every-once-in-awhile philosophy.

25. San Diego Chargers                        22

Will play out hand before heading home.

26. Carolina Panthers                           24

Dressed for suck-sess.

27. Chicago Bears                                29

Rolling out the Matt in Detroit.

28. Los Angeles Rams                         26

Fisher wins, but loses popular vote.

29. New York Jets                                28

Wondering if they can take more time off.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars                    30

Bortles views INTs as completions.

31. San Francisco 49ers                      31

Paper bag promotion begins this week.

32. Cleveland Browns                         32

City asking they clean up before they leave.

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