Houdini? German announcers call Rodgers' Hail Mary

Jordan Schelling
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) acknowledges the crowd after their 38-13 win against the New York Giants at Lambeau Field.

Aaron Rodgers. Hail Mary. Randall Cobb. Houdini?

Those are the words that stand out as German announcers Frank Buschmann and Patrick Esume deliver an excited call of the Packers' 42-yard touchdown pass to close the first half Sunday against the New York Giants. also offers a Portuguese version of the call, from Brazilian broadcasters Everaldo Marques and Paulo Antunes.

Of course, this was not Rodgers' first Hail Mary touchdown. And it was not the first time German broadcasters were there to capture the excitement, either. Jan Stecker and Roman Motzkus were on the call back in January 2016 when Jeff Janis caught the game-tying touchdown in Arizona.

As for the Rodgers-is-Houdini comparison? Watch this third-down pass from Week 17 again and try to argue that he's not an escape artist.

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