Sirkka Hougard, who now lives near Atlanta, won't ever bet against the Green Bay Packers, because her grandfather helped build Lambeau Field.


When Kavarna coffeehouse owner Alex Galt in Green Bay wanted to make a wager on the outcome of the NFC championship game with a different Kavarna near Atlanta, he was turned down.

Not because Sirkka Hougard, co-owner of Kavarna coffee in Decatur, Ga., wasn't interested in a friendly rivalry, but because she couldn't bet against the Green Bay Packers.

The name Hougard might sound familiar to some Packers fans. Geo. M. Hougard & Sons Inc. built Lambeau Field in the 1950s. For Sirkka, the stadium is part of her family's legacy.

"My grandfather, Howard, was working with my great-grandfather in the business when Lambeau was built, and they built it," she said. "My uncles have stories of ... going into the site helping, like screw in some of the bolts for the stadium seats."