SI profiles Packers reporter McGinn
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It’s not every day one of your own gets written up by Sports Illustrated, but that’s exactly what happened Friday when SI published a story on longtime Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers beat reporter and’s Bob McGinn.

Journal Sentinel Packers reporter and columnist Bob McGinn

Author Greg Bishop does a great job capturing McGinn’s meticulous nature and tireless work ethic.

From Bishop:

He breezes past the Wisconsin Sports Writer of the Year awards (six total), the old desk (he kept his old desk) and into a back room crammed with shelves and filing cabinets.

The cabinets are divided by years. There’s a drawer for 1993 to ’96, for instance, and inside each drawer, there are manila folders, four for each year, divided into categories: off-season, training camp, regular season and game stories. All the clips, all his stories and all his colleagues’ stories, rest in those folders, in reverse chronological order.

But that’s not all. One shelf is filled with cereal boxes. Cereal is McGinn’s favorite food. He keeps around 12 boxes at one time and eats various brands and styles in a rotation.

Still not all. McGinn saved his tests from his college days at Michigan. He stored all his scrapbooks. He collected decades of Sports Illustrated magazines (editor’s note: God bless him). From his stint coaching youth baseball—he has three children and one stepchild ranging in age from 28 to 37—he kept the notes on his players, along with his game books and programs. When he watches any sporting event, even soccer, McGinn prints out the rosters and statistics for both teams.

Be sure to read the entire article here. It’s a fascinating look at how the job gets done by one of the best around. 

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