Montravius Adams: What scouts say

Bob McGinn
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Auburn defensive tackle Montravius Adams celebrates after picking up a deflected pass on Nov 19, 2016.

What NFL personnel people told the Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn before the draft on defensive tackle Montravius Adams:

NFC scout: “Played with a lot more passion this year. He was a dog a couple years ago. Can be disruptive if you just say, ’Go.’ Never going to be a dependable, consistent player because of lack of instincts and the stiffness. Interesting because of size, quickness, ability. He is stiff. I don’t think he’s very instinctive. He doesn’t see the ball. Poor block awareness.”

AFC scout: “His pro day was better. He’s got really good get-off. He’s got a huge upside. He’s got some tightness but he can get off the ball and he’s a big man. If he’s there in the third round you take him. I wouldn’t take a shot on him (higher). He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know yet. Not a two-gapper. They don’t play him that way. If he learns how to play and use his hands, yeah (he could beat NFL guards). But he doesn’t do that very well.”

AFC scout: “I’m not a fan of his. He’s a 3-technique.”

AFC scout: “He’s a one-gap penetrator. He has good range and plays hard. He’s kind of a rotational interior guy who brings that one-gap and up field.”

NFC scout: “(Jerel) Worthy’s a better player than Montravius Adams. He can run in a straight line but he’s stiff in his lower (body).”

AFC scout: “There’s a guy who has talent. He is very, very quick. Good initial quickness and pad level. Plays with good strength. But he doesn’t make plays. I liked the guy. Third round.”

NFC scout: “First and foremost, a powerful football player. He’s best as an area guy. He closes lanes with a body more than throwing the guy and making the play. He doesn’t spend a lot of time wrestling with blockers. He’s a collapser. More of a power-type pass rusher than he is finesse. A lot of rushes, he stalls out in front of his blocker. He’ll bog down just short of harassment. There’s some dormant talent there and it can be developed.”

AFC scout: “He’ll run and chase. He’s got stiffness. He doesn’t play square. Third round.”

NFC scout: “I don’t like him much. I just don’t think he’s very talented. Not strong against the run, not overly athletic, kind of a one-year guy. Little bit of an underachiever.”

NFC scout: “Quick. He’s a disruptive, quick off the ball player. Just a little stiff.”

NFC scout: “Got to be a 3-technique. Not a great run defender. He’s got strength. He just doesn’t utilize leverage very well. When it comes to first-step explosion and penetrating and being disruptive, he can do that in spades. He’s probably as good as anybody in the class doing that. He’s tough enough. It’s an awareness thing. He just wants to attack up field. He just has not learned how to take on doubles and know when they’re coming. He’s got a great coach in Randy Garner. He’s as good a D-line coach as you’re going to be around in college football. He’s smart enough. Montravius just has to step up and do it.”

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