McCarthy defends decision to stick with Capers

Aaron Nagler
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Fans of the Green Bay Packers have gotten used to a few things during the tenure of coach Mike McCarthy.

They’ve gotten used to seeing one of the best quarterbacks in the game under center. They’ve gotten used to postseason runs ending in heartbreak.

And they’ve gotten used to Dom Capers’ defenses being a big reason why those seasons end the way they do.

One need not spend a lot of time online to find out how Packers fans feel about the long-tenured defensive coordinator. Calls for Capers' firing are as much an annual tradition at the end of Packers seasons as players riding kids' bikes is a tradition at the beginning of them.

Despite the annual gnashing of teeth, however, McCarthy has stuck by Capers.

Appearing on the Wilde and Tausch radio program on ESPN 540-AM Thursday morning (via an interview that had been recorded the day before), McCarthy was asked about his commitment to Capers and why he tends to lean on loyalty (as he did when kicker Mason Crosby was struggling years ago) instead of implementing sweeping changes.

“I think all of us in life have always gone through experiences in our past that you may have quit on something just to get that fresh, new start, and it feels good but in hindsight it was not the best thing for you," McCarthy said.  “I know I have personally. So I've always held true to that in my decision-making process.

“You’ve got to make right decisions. Results don't always prove to be the answer to the right decision. It's no different than the way we view plays, and this is a conversation Dom and I have all the time.”

McCarthy also spoke on his relationship with his starting quarterback, the timing of rookie outside linebacker Vince Biegel’s injury, and his annual golf event benefiting American Family Children's Hospital and The McCarthy Family Foundation.

You can find the entire interview on the ESPN Milwaukee website.

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