Howard 'Cub' Buck

Chad Burkholder
Packers Hall of Fame

Inducted 1977

A University of Wisconsin star in the teens, Cub Buck was an experienced pro by the time he became a Packer in 1921. He played two seasons for the Canton Bulldogs where he blocked for the great Jim Thorpe.

At 6’3”, 250-pounds, Buck was one of the largest linemen of his day. Buck’s field goal in the rain was the only score against the Columbus, Ohio, Panhandlers in a 1922 3-0 Packer win.

While playing for the Packers, Buck was an executive with the Boy Scouts, coached at Lawrence University and purchased an Appleton, Wis., auto dealership. In 1926, Buck retired to become head coach of the University of Miami Hurricanes

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Packers Hall of Fame player Cub Buck
Packers Hall of Fame player Cub Buck