Joseph Dunn

Packers Hall of Fame

Inducted 1976

Curly Lambeau called Red Dunn a selfless team leader. In just five seasons with the Packers, from 1927-’31, he passed for 31 touchdowns and led the team to three straight NFL championships.

Dunn was a star at Marquette University before playing for the Milwaukee Badgers in 1925 and Chicago Cardinals in 1926. In 1927, the 6’0”, 178-pound Dunn Came to the Packers.

Dunn was considered a selfless player, a tremendous ball handler and passer and a great on-field leader. When Dunn retired in 1931, Lambeau altered his box formation. After Dunn, Lambeau’s quarterback became a blocker and receiver. Halfbacks like Arnie Herber, Cecil Isbell and Irv Comp passed the football

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Packers Hall of Fame player Red Dunn
Packers Hall of Fame player Red Dunn