Verne Lewellen

Packers Hall of Fame

Inducted 1970

In 1924, Verne Lewellen was the first high profile back signed by the Packers. Captain of the 1923 University of Nebraska team, the 6’2”, 180-pound Lewellen could run, pass and kick and was a legendary punter.

In nine seasons, from 1924-’32, Lewellen rushed for 37 touchdowns. His soaring 50- and 60-yard punts were key factors as the Packers beat the New York Giants in a key 1929 game that led to their first NFL championship.

A law school graduate, Lewellen was elected Brown County district attorney in 1929 while still playing. He retired in 1933 as the leading Packer scorer at that time with 307 points.

Lewellen was named the first Packer general manager in 1954 and later served as Packer business manager. 

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Packers Hall of Fame player Verne Lewellen
Packers Hall of Fame player Verne Lewellen