Oddsmakers weigh in on Packers without Aaron Rodgers

Michael Davis
Packers News
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Brett Hundley will get his chance to lead the Green Bay Packers in Aaron Rodgers' absence.

When Aaron Rodgers goes down with what is likely a season-ending broken collarbone, the tremors are felt well beyond Green Bay and Wisconsin.

In Las Vegas, oddsmakers are resetting their expectations for the Green Bay Packers and placing some bets on how Rodgers' replacement will fare at quarterback.

Here's a rundown from mytopsportsbooks.com of some of the odds out this week:

  • Rodgers plays this season: 33-1
  • Green Bay makes playoffs: 5-1
  • Rodgers wins MVP: 1,000-1
  • Rodgers’ replacement wins MVP: 200-1
  • Green Bay doesn’t win another game: 82-1
  • Rodgers’ replacement keeps the starting job when Rodgers is healthy: 200-1

Of course, Rodgers' injury changes the Super Bowl odds landscape, too.

Two weeks ago, at the quarter mark of the season, the Packers' odds to win Super Bowl LII (15 to 2) were just behind those of the New England Patriots (22 to 3).

This week, they stand at 75 to 1, tied with the Cardinals, Bengals and Chargers behind 19 other teams led by the Patriots at 8 to 1.

Their odds are still better than nine other teams, though, including the Bears (150 to 1) and Browns (300 to 1).

Oh, and we know coach Mike McCarthy made it very clear the Packers weren't interested in signing Colin Kaepernick. But according to oddsmakers, Green Bay is the second-most likely team, behind the Jaguars, to sign the former 49ers quarterback at 24-1 odds.


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