Dec. 10, 1939: Packers' fifth title the Dairy Bowl game

TITLE 5 of 13: Bays Crush Giants in Title Game

Stoney McGlynn
Milwaukee Sentinel
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Editor's note:This story was originally published Dec. 11, 1939.

Don Hutson goes two yards on an end around against the Giants in the 1939 NFL Championship.

Green Bay’s mighty Packers increased their football prestige Sunday in the State Fair park Dairy Bowl by defeating the New York Giants, 27 to 0, for the championship of the National Football league. A record crowd, officially announced at 32,279, saw the Packers triumph in amazing fashion.

It was a great battle the first half, the Packers holding to a 7 to 0 lead at the intermission, but in the second half it was all Green Bay as the Packers, vengeance bent because of their title game defeat last year by a 23 to 17 score, completely routed the Tim Mara forces with a devastating attack that piled up 10 points in each of the last two periods.


The Packers were complete masters, both on the ground and in the air. The ground attack functioned smoothly with Joe Laws and Arnie Herber directing the strategy that crossed the defense up with spinners, short side and power shots. Then they slipped in their passes where they’d do the most damage.

In contrast, the Giants hardly got started against the powerful Bay front wall that came through with a remarkable display of defensive prowess and turned in some blocking that opened up great holes through which the Bay backs pounded. In the air it was the same, the Bays, with Charlie Brock leading the way, intercepting six aerials that were as instrumental as anything in enabling the Packers to pile up their defensive margin of victory.


There were any number of Packer stars, but on defense it was that man Brock and on offense it was the passing of Arnie Herber and Cecil Isbell, the running of Ironsides Hinckle, Andy Uram and Laws and the pass snatching of Don Hutson, Milt Gantenbein and Harry Jacunski that kept the Packers in complete control.

Hutson was pretty well covered, but set up the first touchdown with a catch on the 6 and then decoyed the defenders out as Gantenbein took a pass over the goal. A pass to Laws netted the second touchdown and Ed Jankowski’s 1-yard plunge the third, while Tiny Engebretsen and Ernie Smith booted placements of 29 and 42 yards, respectively.

Brock seemed like a man possessed. The Canadian mounted never trailed a man like that human hawk who was swarming all over the field. With the score 7 to 0, (New York’s Tuffy) Leemans caught a pass and was headed for the wide open spaces when Brock hauled him down from behind on the 9. Not content with that, the former Nebraska Husker followed with a pass interception to kill the only serious New York threat until the game was cinched.


Herber’s passing was a topnotch exhibition in the first period as he pitched strike after strike when they had to be pitched. The touchdown shot to Gantenbein was the climax as he faked to Hutson, angling wide to draw the defense out, and then shot a zooming high one to Gantenbein over center in the end zone.

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Green Bay fete for title winners

And now the Packer feetballers will be feted.

The new champions will be honor guests Thursday night at the Columbus Community club in Green Bay when the Lions club of that city will stage a banquet in honor of the team which brought to the biggest little football city in the world its fifth professional football crown.

Lavvie Dilweg, the former Packer all-American pro end, is chairman of the banquet committee.

Plans for the banquet were completed last week, but news of the affair was held up pending the more important task of snagging the championship.

List of NFL champions

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1938 New York Giants
1937 Washington Redskins
1936 Green Bay Packers
1935 Detroit Lions
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1933 Chicago Bears
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1931 Green Bay Packers
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1929 Green Bay Packers
1928 Providence Steam Roller
1927 New York Giants
1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets
1925 Chicago Cardinals
1924 Cleveland Bulldogs
1923 Canton Bulldogs
1922 Canton Bulldogs
1921 Chicago Staleys
1920 Akron Pros

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2. Dec. 14, 1930: Tie clinches second straight championship

3. Nov. 29, 1931: Punter/halfback Verne Lewellen helps secure third title

4. Dec. 13, 1936: Green Bay's first championship decided by a post-season game

5. Dec. 10, 1939: Fifth title dubbed the Dairy Bowl

6. Dec. 17, 1944: The Packers' final championship under Curly Lambeau

7. Dec. 31, 1961: Vince Lombardi's first NFL title

8. Dec. 30, 1962Packers still champs as Ray Nitschke leads way

9. Jan. 2, 1966:1st of 3 straight Packers titles began with 'Mud Bowl'

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12. Jan. 26, 1997: Power and the Glory. Packers win Super Bowl XXXI.

13. Feb. 6, 2011: Packers survive injuries to beat Steelers in Super Bowl XLV

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